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Marco Rubio’s Foreign Policy Speech

by Phantom Ace ( 3 Comments › )
Filed under Conservatism, Headlines, Progressives, Republican Party, Tranzis at April 25th, 2012 - 7:48 pm

Sen. Marco Rubio addressed the Liberal Brookings Institute today. He gave a foreign policy address there. Let me just say, I am extremely disappointed. He attacks Republicans who are tired of endless wars for Muslim Democracy. Rubio defends the Arab Spring, despite the fact its an Islamic uprising and Christians are being killed. Rubio preached a foreign policy that is not Conservative. It was a Wilsonian Progressive speech based on an ideology that would lead to more war.


To be fair there are elements of the speech I agree with. I do feel its time for the US to forge closer relations with Latin America. They have resources are economically growing. By pivoting towards our South, it would mean less involvement in the Islamic world.

On the energy front, the Western Hemisphere needs to establish itself as a democratic, peaceful and stable alternative to the Middle East in global energy production. An energy alliance made up of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and a post-Chavez Venezuela would help accomplish this goal. Building the Keystone pipeline and implementing the trans-boundary energy agreement being negotiated with Mexico are also crucial steps toward that goal.

Other areas I agree with Rubio is on China. We do need to treat China with respect. But the rest of speech which calls for intervening in Syria and supporting Islamic movements is madness. The US is broke and lets be frank, the Islamic world don’t like us. We are infidels of the Dar al Haab (House of War).

Rubio’s attacks on fellow Republicans was despicable and should disqualify him from the VP slot. It will also come to back to haunt him should he seek the Presidency. Rubio will quickly viewed as another John McCain. Someone who attacks his own side to win favor from the Left. Rubio should ask McCain how that turned out when he ran for President.

I agree with Marco Rubio on many positions. But foreign policy is where I vehemently disagree. America needs peace and prosperity, not war and bankruptcy. Rubio vision would lead American down the same path his (and mine) Roman and Spanish ancestors took. I love America and I don’t want us to go down the route of those other nations. Marco Rubio needs to read history to realize the disaster his ideas will lead this nation.

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3 Responses to “Marco Rubio’s Foreign Policy Speech”
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  1. Da_Beerfreak
    1 | April 25, 2012 9:15 pm

    As long as most people continue to view Islam as a religion and not as an evil threat to our way of life nothing will change. 👿

    This attitude probably won’t change until after we lose a couple of cities to terrorist attacks… 😯

  2. 2 | April 25, 2012 9:37 pm

    I wouldn’t give up everything we’ve gained in Iraq and would certainly impose a no fly zone if the Kurds are ever attacked. Afghanistan is a lost cause though. We could be doing things to help Syrian and Iranian opposition because anything would be better that what we have now but we don’t need to spend a lot and don’t need to put boots on the ground at all. Pakistan is also probably a lost cause and they have nukes. We live in interesting times and Florida hasn’t even started rioting yet.

  3. 3 | April 26, 2012 1:01 pm

    @ Rancher:

    The Syrian opposition is the Muslim Brotherhood. They will exterminate Christian Syrians.

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