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McCain’s heroes storm Libyan PM’s office

by Phantom Ace Comments Off on McCain’s heroes storm Libyan PM’s office
Filed under Headlines, Islamic Terrorism, Islamists, Libya at May 9th, 2012 - 1:19 pm

The Islamist Libyan rebels who with the help of NATO overthrew US ally Qaddafi are called heroes by John McCain and his girlfriend from South Carolina. As we have read they are nothing but a bunch of  Jihadi scum imposing Sharia law. McCain’s heroes stormed the Libyan PM’s offices yesterday in Tripoli. They were angry about not getting paid.

Gunmen from a former rebel militia stormed and occupied the office of Libya‘s interim prime minister, Abdurrahim al-Keib on Tuesday.

At least one man was reported killed, paramedics said. Several dozen pickup trucks with heavy machine guns surrounded the building as government negotiators met the former rebels, who are demanding back pay they say they are owed.

The attack caused pandemonium when the militia, from Kikla, a town in the Nafusa mountains, 70 miles south-west of the capital, attacked in the morning.

Gunfire echoed as militiamen stormed the front gates and main entrance as staff fled the building. Keib was reportedly not in the building. His whereabouts were unknown.

I’m sure McCain is proud of his heroes!


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