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Sunday At The Movies! Bill Whittle At Mike Munzing’s Conservative Happy Hour.

by Flyovercountry Comments Off on Sunday At The Movies! Bill Whittle At Mike Munzing’s Conservative Happy Hour.
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This one is a three part video, and all together will take about an hour and a half of your time. It is well worth it. Whittle describes, using historical context, what is happening to our society and how we can deal with it. In part one, Whittle describes the origins of Liberalism and gives a history as to how the Socialists of today were able to incrementally gain influence sufficient to bring America to the brink of collapse. Part one is designed to scare us all just a bit, so if you get to the end of the 20 minutes and you feel disheartened, don’t worry, the cure for your discomfort will be upcoming in parts two and three. If part one makes you feel good about things, that means that you are a liberal and probably won’t enjoy the subsequent videos at all.

In part two, Whittle gives us the cure. He will shatter the idea of elitism and gives 7 basic things that we believe in as conservatives, whether we be socons, neocons, fiscons, free marketeers, or even libertarians. These are the seven basic tenets that are central to our system of political beliefs. In his message, Whittle gives a brief description on how we can start delivering our ideas in the current language of pop culture. His conclusion at the end of the second part may be one of the most astute observations I have heard.

Whittle sticks around for a half hour of Q and A. There are some observations worth our time here as well. The previous broad based concepts are give perspective with certain very specific questions regarding current events.

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