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Sunday At The Movies! The 99% Meat Free Baloney Edition.

by Flyovercountry Comments Off on Sunday At The Movies! The 99% Meat Free Baloney Edition.
Filed under Headlines at November 4th, 2012 - 2:28 pm

I have never before witnessed an entire Presidential Campaign so nakedly based on class warfare before. I have faith that my fellow American Citizens will be smart enough to see through this, and fearful that they will not. Take-a-way quote, “the only way to make me an even basketball player with Michael Jordan is to break both of his legs and both of his arms.” In other words, this warped version of fairness can only be achieved by doing harm to those who succeed.

The Trifecta crew makes their electoral predictions for November 6th. Take-a-way quote from Bill Whittle, “Pennsylvania is a cheap whore. She always promises but never delivers.” Every election cycle, the Republicans believe Pennsylvania to be in play, but the T has never been able to overcome the two Southern urban areas of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Some pretty decent campaign analysis from the entirely Democrat field put together by Fox News. They refuse to make their predictions as to who they believe will be the winner and who will be spending the next four years making a fortune on the lecture circuit. They’ll give us that happy announcement on their own show on Monday Morning at 10:30. President Obama’s team broke the new to him yesterday, as the pollsters working for the losing campaign usually will on the Saturday prior to the election.

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