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Saturday At The Movies! Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Chapter 2, Tarr Tells His Story.

by Flyovercountry Comments Off on Saturday At The Movies! Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Chapter 2, Tarr Tells His Story.
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In chapter two, we pick up with Ricky Tarr telling his story. Someone from one of the neutral outstations in the business has put him onto a Russian Hood named Boris. Tarr decides to do some digging and meets a young female spy named Irina, who offers to defect in exchange for some information on a mole who sits at the top of MI6. She actually names General Victorov, who is using the work name of Polyakov and is currently stationed as the Cultural Attache of the Soviet Embassy in London. His real job, Irina tells us, is to run the Soviet Mole code named Gerald who is one of the top four people in charge of running MI6. The tale makes its way back to Oliver Lacon, the ministry oversight priest who has heard the same hypothesis from Control, about 18 months prior. The warning spooks him, and is sufficiently worrying to the point that Lacon asks for Smiley’s help in investigating.


Agent – A spy recruited by a foreign government to spy on their own country. This term should not be confused with a case officer, the intelligence service member who recruited and then handled the spy.

Babysitters – Bodyguards

Circus – MI6, the British intelligence service.

The Competition – MI5, British counter espionage service. Also referred to as the, “security mob.”

The Cousins – The CIA or any American intelligence service.

Distress Rocket – An emergency signal to a logistical support structure that a crash meeting or other prearranged measures are necessary, often involving new identities and emergency legends.

Ferrets – Tech people who find and remove bugs, cameras, or an attempt to spy on the good guys.

Honey Trap – A sexual trap intended for black mail or murder.

Housekeepers – Internal auditors or accountants who are used to insure discipline within the service.

Inquisitors – Interrogators who debrief agents or defectors.

Janitors – Headquarters staff and guards of internal secure areas.

Lamplighters – Watchers, surveillance staff, couriers.

Legend – A false biography and accompanying documents for a covert operative, be they a control officer or a mole.

Mole – A recruited agent who does not begin spying on his target for a long period of time. Usually they have worked their way up through an organization until such time as a preset target has been reached, and then activated after a period of years. In, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” for instance, Gerald was recruited in 1955 and not activated until 1972.

Mothers – Secretaries, researchers, clerical staff, most trusted by case officers.

Nuts and Bolts – Logistical support.

Pavement Artists – Specialized surveillance teams who can follow without getting caught.

Priests – The Legislative overseers of MI6. (Intelligence oversight committees etc.)

Scalp hunters – Professional thugs, handling assassinations, bribery, break ins, beatings, kidnappings etc.

Shoemakers – Forgers, they provide false identities in the form of passports, drivers licenses, etc.

Wranglers – Intelligence analysts, cryptographers, the people who look at raw reports, documents, photos, etc., and pass on authenticity, meaning, scope, etc.

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