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IDF kills a top Islamic Jihad leader; Video of IDF strike on media center

by Mojambo ( 1 Comment › )
Filed under Hamas, Headlines, IDF, Israel at November 19th, 2012 - 11:38 am

You know what? No cease fire – keep killing those bastards!

by Gil Cohen and Avi  Issacharoff

IDF reports it wounded 3 other Islamic Jihad militants in strike; Egypt PM says cease-fire agreement may be signed soon between Israel and Hamas; Gaza death toll reaches 95; more than 540 rockets have landed inside Israel since last Wednesday, all but 35 of them in open areas, while Iron Dome systems have intercepted nearly 320 rockets.

Operation Pillar of Defense entered its sixth day on Monday with relative quiet on the Israeli side and a night of attacks in the Gaza Strip. The IDF said it struck 80 targets in the coastal territory overnight, and that at least 14 Palestinians were killed.

According to the IDF, the death toll in the coastal territory since the operation began has reached 95 people, one-third of them uninvolved in the conflict.

Rocket fire against Israeli territory resumed Monday morning, after a night of calm, and turned into a full-blown barrage by early afternoon.

Meanwhile, Egyptian intelligence officials were continuing with their efforts to reach a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.


4:55 P.M. The IAF killed senior Islamic Jihad member Ramez Hamez, who was involved in launching long-range missiles toward Israel. The IDF reports it hit three more Jihad operatives: Baha Abu al-Alta, a member of the organization’s supreme military council, who was also involved in launching long-range missiles; Tayasir Jabari, also a member of the military council in charge of its operations portfolio; and Khalil Bahatini, also involved in long-range launches. According to the report, the four were hit at the Gaza media center. Antennae and other broadcasting equipment stationed on the roof of the building were also damaged (Gili Cohen)



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One Response to “IDF kills a top Islamic Jihad leader; Video of IDF strike on media center”
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  1. Speranza
    1 | November 19, 2012 12:08 pm

    Jon Lovitz


    It’s also sad to hear Americans defend Hamas, a terrorist organization. Israel has a right to defend its citizens.
    18 Nov 12

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