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The Drone War of Berks County; Incident of the Octopigeon

by huckfunn Comments Off on The Drone War of Berks County; Incident of the Octopigeon
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Animal rights group SHARK says they were using a remote controlled drone to film a live pigeon shoot, when someone at a Berks County hunting club shot the device down. NBC10's Doug Shimell.

It was a balmy afternoon at the Wing Pointe Hunt Club. Clem Hudnall and Milo Skrivanek were heading back to the lodge having bagged their limit of pigeons for the day. Both of them were looking forward to a fine feast of roasted squab at the Quail’s Nest Restaurant. As they approached the lodge, they heard the high pitched whine of an electric motor overhead. Milo spotted it first. Hovering just above tree level was the oddest flying critter they had ever seen. Bigger than a pheasant, yet smaller than a turkey, the thing hovered above them motionless. “What the hell is that thing?” exclaimed Milo. “I don’t know” replied Clem “but it has more drumsticks than John Madden’s game day turkey and it looks like it’s holding a camera. I still have those goose loads in my shotgun so I’ll see if I can bring it down”. Clem raised his shotgun and blasted away at the critter. It appeared to drop something then quickly dropped out of sight behind the treeline.

When they got back to the lodge, there was a Berks County Deputy car parked outside. A deputy warily approached the two hunters and asked if they’d seen any strange game in the area. “Yessir”, said Milo. “It was really peculiar. It was like some kinda 8-legged-pigeon-lookin’ thing and it was carrying a camera. Clem took a couple of shots at it”. “Well, was he able to bring it down?” inquired the deputy. “No sir”, said Milo, “But he damn sure made it drop that camera”.

Read the entire story here. 


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