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Obama continues his campaign

by Phantom Ace Comments Off on Obama continues his campaign
Filed under Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Progressives, Republican Party, Special Report at November 27th, 2012 - 11:54 pm

The election maybe over, but our new Lord and Savior, Barack Obama is still campaigning. He has not dismantled his campaign apparatus. Instead he is using his organization to fight for tax increases on incomes over $250,000. He is not negotiating with Republican leaders on a budget deal. Instead he is on the campaign trail demonizing Republicans using demagogue language.

Amid conflicting polls about which political faction will be blamed by voters for Washington’s paralysis, President Barack Obama is going back on the campaign trail to pressure the GOP into approving tax increases.

The president will meet with small business executives on Tuesday, two panels of picked “middle class Americans” and cooperative business leaders on Wednesday, and will travel to Pennsylvania on Friday to give a speech at a toy factory in Hatfield.

GOP leaders decried the Friday flight to Pennsylvania as politics rather than negotiation. ”The time for campaigning is over. It’s time to act,” said  Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate. “Rather than sitting down with lawmakers… [and] working out an agreement, he’s back out on the campaign trail,” McConnell said.

This what Obama is good at doing. He love the thrill of the crowd and not being responsible for anything.  This is the permanent campaign strategy that community organizers do.



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