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Baltimore Ravens cried during Ray Lewis pre-game speech

by Phantom Ace ( 1 Comment › )
Filed under Headlines, NFL at February 4th, 2013 - 7:25 pm

Ray Lewis has been described as a great orator. In a speech Saturday night, Ray Lewis gave a powerful speech that had Raven players crying.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs insists future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis is the “ultimate leader,” and there will “never be another like him.”


What was the subject of Lewis’ stirring pep talk? Love.

“Love put us over the top,” Ayanbadejo explained. “You wouldn’t think it, because football is a game known for machismo and violence and toughness, but love is what drove our success. Just like the most epic action movies end up being love stories — The Matrix, Star Wars, Gladiator. This Ravens team is a love story.”

Lewis told teammates who nearly revolted in October that he’s never loved a team like this year’s Ravens team.

“And he included the 2000 team (which won the Ravens‘ only other Super Bowl),” Ayanbadejo said. “People were crying. He was crying. It was the last time he was ever gonna stand up in front of us. So it was an intimate, special moment that we had together.”

His post NFL career will probably involved motivational speaking.

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One Response to “Baltimore Ravens cried during Ray Lewis pre-game speech”
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  1. The Osprey
    1 | February 5, 2013 1:51 pm

    Unlike Obama, Ray Lewis does not need a Teleprompter.

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