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Syrian Islamist claim to have killed 43 members of Hizb’Allah

by Phantom Ace ( 2 Comments › )
Filed under Al Qaeda, Headlines, Hezballah, Muslim Brotherhood at February 18th, 2013 - 8:45 pm

Syrian Islamist rebels claim to have killed 43 members of Hizb’Allah in clashes in the Qusayr region near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The death toll of Hezbollah fighters reportedly taking part in major combat operations in Syria’s Homs continued to rise Monday, with rebels telling NOW that 43 members of the Shiite party had been killed.

“Sixteen dead [Hezbollah] militants were taken to the Baalbek Al-Zahraa Hospital,” Council Chief and Qusayr Brigade Commander Lieutenant Mohyi ed-Dine el-Zein said.

“Hezbollah shelled Al-Qusayr towns…and we killed 43 of its members, including Ali Radwan Medlej, Abbas Al-Haqq, Hussein kheireddine, Fady Taha, Diyaa Hussein Msarra, and Oussama Rashid Msarra.”

He added that wounded Hezbollah fighters had been “taken to Al-Amal hospital in Lebanon’s Hermel.”

“The clashes erupted when Hezbollah members snuck into the Qusayr town of Abou Houri on Sunday at 5:30 in the morning… but the FSA guards detected their movement and called for back-up,” Zein also told NOW.

The FSA official continued: “A battle then erupted between us and the Hezbollah members who are supported by regime troops. As a result we forced them to retreat.”

Let them kill each other.

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2 Responses to “Syrian Islamist claim to have killed 43 members of Hizb’Allah”
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  1. Speranza
    1 | February 18, 2013 9:11 pm

    More, and faster please!

  2. yenta-fada
    2 | February 18, 2013 9:40 pm

    Or, as Hillary Clinton said, “What’s the difference”!!? bwahahahaha

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