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Egypt busts Hamas and al-Qaeda operatives in the Sinai

by Phantom Ace Comments Off on Egypt busts Hamas and al-Qaeda operatives in the Sinai
Filed under Al Qaeda, Egypt, Hamas, Headlines at March 25th, 2013 - 11:50 pm

Reports that Hamas and al-Qaeda had a falling out seems to have been exaggerated. Operatives of both organizations have been arrested together by the Egyptian military.

Sinai security forces arrested 25 Hamas and Al-Qaida suspects attempting to cross from the northern peninsula to the Nile Delta in the South, according to Egyptian media sources.

According to the reports, the army and police force revealed a weapons cache containing explosives, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles in El-Arish. The suspects were allegedly found in possession of weapons, ammunition and satellite communications equipment, according to sources. They were also said to be found holding maps of strategic installations in the Sinai.

Al-Qaeda and Hamas both have as an influence Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood operative Abdullah Azzam. Both organizations are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. This verifies what the Israelis have been claiming. Hamas is allowing al-Qaeda to set up shop in Gaza. This proves that Hamas is no longer in the Iran camp and is in the Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda camp. This shows who is now the strong horse in the Middle East.

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