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Ladies and Gents, I present The Museum of Bad Art.


Please, peruse the collection, do read the interpretation and as always, enjoy this OOT.



Obama photo-op FAIL: “Door of No Return” actually a garbage chute

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Obama stands at his own ‘door of no return’

Obama at 'Door of No Return'

They call it “optics.”

The White House has a team of people – you taxpayers foot the bill, of course – that spends its days thinking of the best way to portray the president in the most favorable light.

(“Maybe we should snap him riding a bike in Hawaii?” “Let’s snap him playing hoops!” “His 122nd round of golf? No cameras please.”)

But sometimes, they snooze. Like last week, when The Team let the president step out – for the cameras – at the Door of No Return.

Now, President George W. Bush stood at the very same spot in 2003, but at a different place entirely – stunning party pickups in the 2002 midterms, majority in the House and Senate, headed to re- election, on the top of the world. It was a picture, nothing more.

Thursday, though, was some very bad “optics.” President Obama, standing alone, morose, looking down, sullen, mock contemplative, within the Door of No Return. Below him, rust-stained cinder blocks, craggy rocks of a shallow port, the Atlantic Ocean.

At another time, meaningless. But at this precise moment, a few frames that encapsulate the president, now, and his plight in millions of ways – far beyond the few million megapixels.

First, the scene wasn’t what it seemed. While the Huffington Post called it “very powerful moment” – the president standing at a doorway in Senegal from which Africans were said to have been shipped across the ocean into American slavery – it was not that at all.

He was, in fact, standing at a garbage chute.

“Pictures on Thursday,” The Telegraph newspaper reported, “showed Mr. Obama standing with his wife Michelle at Goree’s so-called Door of No Return, a dark passageway from where the fort’s human cargo is said to have been loaded via gangplanks onto ships. However, despite the claims that millions of slaves passed through the door, its most likely use is now thought to have been for disposing of rubbish. Likewise, the waters it overlooks are too rocky and shallow for a slave ship to have used it as a loading bay.”

So, like so many things with the president, all was not as it seemed. “There are literally no historians who believe the Slave House is what they’re claiming it to be, or that believe Goree was statistically significant in terms of the slave trade,” said Ralph Austen, a professor at the University of Chicago.
More here.

The Republican Establishmnet tried to recruit Christie for 2012

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Earlier this week I had a post on the upcoming book about the 2012 election; Collision 2012 by Dan Balz of the Washington Post. In it, Balz interviewed Mitt Romney who admitted he almost dropped out because he knew he was a flawed candidate. This was very revealing and explained his terrible campaign for the Presidency in 2012.

It seems, the GOP Establishment knew Romney’s heart was not totally in it. in the summer and fall of 2011, Republican establishment figures like the Bush family, Henry Kissinger, the Koch Brothers and even Nancy Reagan tried to recruit NJ. Governor Christie to run for President. The GOP at that early stage knew Romney could not beat Obama and tried to gamble on Christie. He declined and the GOP establishment threw its support behind Romney.

Chris Christie was actually Mitt romney’s original choice for VP. The only thing preventing it was a SEC ruling that forbid Wall Street to donate to candidates where big banks are located. Several major banks have their headquarters in NJ. The only way Christie could have been the VP nominee if he had quit the governorship. He declined to quit and Romney ended up passing him over. A series of events transpired that led to bad blood between Christie and the Romney campaign. The culmination of this led to the Corpulent Guido backstabbing of Mitt Romney by embracing Obama so publicly after Hurricane sandy.

Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., threatened to drop the “f-bomb” during a nationally televised speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Mitt Romney, the GOP’s eventual 2012 nominee, almost aborted his presidential run in 2011 because he didn’t see a viable path to the nomination. And Romney’s advisers, frightened by Newt Gingrich’s victory in the South Carolina primary, held a series of “Kill Newt” strategy sessions in the days after the primary.


The presence of Christie loomed large over the 2012 election, even though he had publicly maintained that he would not run. Balz reveals how pervasive the effort to draft Christie into the race became during the summer of 2011, when figures including former President George W. Bush and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger contacted the popular New Jersey Republican, entreating him to throw his hat into the ring.


In addition to Bush and Kissinger, former first ladies Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan and billionaire businessman David Koch also pushed Christie in the direction of a run.

When he eventually decided against a run, he was again courted – this time by the Romney campaign – as a potential vice presidential candidate. Though he had cautioned Romney that he had a “big” personality that may not be well-suited to playing second fiddle, Romney assured Christie that he remained under serious consideration, Balz writes.

In the end, it was money, not chemistry, that kept Christie off the GOP ticket. A “pay to play” regulation from the Securities and Exchange Commission prevented the country’s largest banks from donating to candidates and elected officials from states in which big banks were located. If Christie, the governor of New Jersey, were added to the ticket, Romney’s campaign would have been barred from accepting any campaign contributions from Wall Street – a critical source of cash for the GOP candidate, formerly a private equity manager.

In a phone call, Romney asked Christie whether he would be willing to resign the governorship to side-step the SEC regulation. Christie laughed and said he needed time to think about it, but eventually decided to stay put in New Jersey. “After that phone call, Romney and Christie had no further conversations about joining the ticket,” Balz writes.

Read the rest: Christie threatened to drop “f-bomb” at 2012 GOP convention

This book shows the dysfunction of the Republican Party heading into 2012. Mitt Romney knew he could not win nor was his heart totally in it. The GOP establishment knew this as well and tries to recruit the wannabe Jersey Shore style Guido. Christie it turns out is a snake who is out for himself.

Unlike the mess in the GOP, Obama had a united Party, a virtually invincible electoral machine in OFA that organized an anti-Republican coalition, a friendly media, support of the popular culture and government resources like the IRS or NSA. In retrospect. It is now apparent the GOP never had a chance in 2012. Unless the GOP makes major changes and begins to form a broad appealing coalition, 2016 will be another lost election for them and the Democrat Party’s dominance of Presidential elections since 1992 will continue.

Obama’s global-warming obsession

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Obama’s confidence in his powers of persuasion regarding other nations  – despite all evidence -remains unaffected.

by Charles Krauthammer

The economy stagnates. Syria burns . Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him , even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on climate change .

Climate change? It lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns (last of 21 — Pew poll). Which means that Obama’s declaration of unilateral American war on global warming, whatever the cost — and it will be heavy — is either highly visionary or hopelessly solipsistic. You decide:

Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years — a curious time to unveil a grand, hugely costly, socially disruptive anti-warming program.

Now, this inconvenient finding is not dispositive. It doesn’t mean there is no global warming.  […….] It therefore highlights the president’s presumption in dismissing skeptics as flat-earth know-nothings.

On the contrary. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who refuse to acknowledge the problematic nature of contradictory data. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite a recent Alaskan heat wave — a freak event in one place at one time — as presumptive evidence of planetary climate change. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite perennial phenomena such as droughts as cosmic retribution for environmental sinfulness.

For the sake of argument, nonetheless, let’s concede that global warming is precisely what Obama thinks it is. Then answer this: What in God’s name is his massive new regulatory and spending program — which begins with a war on coal and ends with billions in more subsidies for new Solyndras — going to do about it?

The United States has already radically cut carbon dioxide emissions — more than any country on earth since 2006, according to the International Energy Agency. Emissions today are back down to 1992 levels.

And yet, at the same time, global emissions have gone up. That’s because — surprise! — we don’t control the energy use of the other 96 percent of humankind.

At the heart of Obama’s program are EPA regulations that will make it impossible to open any new coal plant and will systematically shut down existing plants. “Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal,” explained one of Obama’s climate advisers. “On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.”

Net effect: tens of thousands of jobs killed, entire states impoverished. This at a time of chronically and crushingly high unemployment, slow growth, jittery markets and deep economic uncertainty.

But that’s not the worst of it. This massive self-sacrifice might be worthwhile if it did actually stop global warming and save the planet. What makes the whole idea nuts is that it won’t. This massive self-inflicted economic wound will have no effect on climate change.


To think we will get these countries to cooperate is sheer fantasy. We’ve been negotiating climate treaties for 20 years and gotten exactly nowhere. China, India and the other rising and modernizing countries point out that the West had a 150-year industrial head start that made it rich. They are still poor. And now, just as they are beginning to get rich, we’re telling them to stop dead in their tracks?

Fat chance. Obama imagines he’s going to cajole China into a greenhouse-gas emissions reduction that will slow its economy, increase energy costs, derail industrialization and risk enormous social unrest. This from a president who couldn’t even get China to turn over one Edward Snowden to U.S. custody.

I’m not against a global pact to reduce CO2. Indeed, I favor it. But in the absence of one — and there is no chance of getting one in the foreseeable future — there is no point in America committing economic suicide to no effect on climate change, the reversing of which, after all, is the alleged point of the exercise.

For a president to propose this with such aggressive certainty is incomprehensible. It is the starkest of examples of belief that is impervious to evidence. And the word for that is faith, not science.

Read the rest – Obama’s global-warming folly