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A Positive News Piece: Aids Cure And Or Vaccine Imminent

by Flyovercountry Comments Off on A Positive News Piece: Aids Cure And Or Vaccine Imminent
Filed under Headlines at September 12th, 2013 - 4:28 pm

Since things have been negative lately, dating back to January 20 of 2009 anyhow, and since we will most certainly have more the same to talk about in the near future, like the exact same budget battles, the erosion of our personal freedoms, puppy dogs being kicked, I thought that a more positive story might be in order, just for a day. I found this one on, and it revives my faith in the American People. Not a moment too soon either, for after twice electing Barack Obama to be our national leader, I needed to have my faith in my fellow citizens revived.

I’ve seen it reported on a couple of times, and it is somewhat surprising to me that this has not gotten the attention great scientific breakthroughs usually merit. So far apparently, we have seen a few people previously diagnosed with the HIV Virus that have been totally cured of the infection, via a procedure of Gene Therapy using Bone Marrow Transplantation. There’s more on how that science works here.

Within the last couple of days, some fine gents in the State of Oregon. have been working on a vaccine for Aids that has been tested on primates, and proven itself to be effective not only in preventing infection, but in curing infections caught early enough. While this particular way of dealing with the disease is not along the same principal of attack as the, “Berlin Patient,” approach, it does show great promise. While it still needs to be adjusted for use in humans with our own particular strain of the virus, This is still good news for those who are afflicted with a disease that at one time was considered a death sentence.


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