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Rand Paul, Lets Talk

by coldwarrior Comments Off on Rand Paul, Lets Talk
Filed under Special Report at September 15th, 2013 - 9:07 am

We formally requested a post from anyone who believes that Rand Paul is anti-Israel, anti-Semite, hates Jews, et cetera. The post should include links and proof of the above topic.

As I stated to bunk :

so, i simply asked for a post to prove an argument because i want a point by point post proving that rand paul hates jews/israel. i want the points placed in a post so that everyone can refer to it and read it and add to it/offer counterpoints and then make up their own minds.

we are eventually going to have this conversation because i do believe that rand will run for president. so, what better time or place or writer (waldensian) to offer the proof that rand hates jews/israel?

i suspended comments to get everyone’s attention. that usually works pretty effectively. lets have this conversation.

– See more at:

Our only request is that the post be ready to go by Wednesday or Thursday. It will be place on the top of the page and everyone will be directed to it so that no one misses out. Let’s have this conversation Blogmocracy!
(comments are off because this isn’t for discussion, it’s like a billboard or something, the post that we asked for will have the comments)



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