3 Important Things to Know about Online Privacy Protection Services

April 22, 2019

While we’re not quite at the future that George Orwell warned us about, we do certainly live in a time where we are often exposed to privacy intrusions. Most of these intrusions occur online and with us unaware, and so entire companies have sprung up to offer us online privacy protection services. With such services in mind, we present to you three important things that everyone should know about them.

1. Users Can Undermine Themselves

Perhaps the most important aspect that we can stress about what an online privacy protection service can and cannot do is protect you from you. In other words, if you have poor web surfing habits when it comes to your privacy, then you make it very difficult for the service to do its job. Do you know what good habits are when it comes to web browsing, email and the like? The top services generally have resources available in that vein. Don’t know if you should click on a particular email or link? Many services let you ask an expect so that you can click away with confidence or know not to.

2. Not All Services Are the Same

Online privacy is a broad topic, and it can mean different things to different people. Some services are highly focused on virtual private networks. A VPN lets you tunnel your Internet traffic so that is difficult if not impossible for others to access. Others will monitor certain aspects of your finances, for instance, and alert you to activity of which you may not be aware. Some services will combine various tools under one umbrella. Before selecting, you should figure where you want protection, and then, you can determine if a particular service or product meets your needs.

3. Online Privacy Services Can Remove Information

There is an idea about the Internet that you can never put the genie back in the bottle. The notion goes that once something is online, it is online for good. While there may be some truth to it, it isn’t true for all practical purposes. Companies can collect information about you and then seed this data into databases for other companies to exploit. There are certain online privacy firms that specifically specialize in removing data from databases through which it is exploited.

Protecting your online privacy and protecting your identity often go hand in hand. Just as you are vigilant about protecting your identify, you should be vigilant about the sensitive data that you may expose online. Avoid simply choosing an online privacy protection service and resting on them to do it all. Be watchful. Stay in the know, and take advantage of whatever resources they provide you.

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