3 Unique Products Every 3-D Campaign Should Have

January 31, 2017

Direct mail is one of the most popular marketing techniques because it works, but not every type of mail is created equal. Many marketers are finding that 3-D campaigns lead to significantly more sales than traditional mail campaigns, while only requiring a small increase in the initial investment. This happens because the average person is much more likely to open, examine, and remember a package that has an interesting shape and some heft to it than a simple letter. Since being memorable is a key part of these campaigns, it’s important to choose unique and eye-catching products to put in the mail. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Two-Part Gifts

The goal of any marketing campaign is to get potential customers to look at your business. One great way to do that is to send the first part of a two-part gift in the mail along with a personalized URL or other tool that allows the recipient to get into contact with the business. If they follow the URL and input basic information, send out the second part of the gift.

Each part of the gift needs to be useful on its own to make sure that it catches the recipient’s interest, but it needs to be even better when combined with the other part. For example, a small dish engraved with the company’s logo is useful, but it gets even better when it is combined with a matching cup, and plenty of people are willing to do a little bit of reading to complete their set.

Fortune Cookies

If you only need the recipient to read a short message, it’s hard to go wrong by sending them a fortune cookie. Label the gift with a pun that invites the read to “save a fortune” or “improve their fortunes” by trying the cookie. They will naturally want to read the fortune after they crack the cookie open, so put the real message there. The text needs to be short, interesting, and they need to be able to act on it easily.

Letter in a Bottle

3-D campaigns are potent in part because the packaging draws the recipient’s attention and arouses their curiosity, and nothing does that better than putting the message in a bottle. The idea of a bottled message is so deeply ingrained in popular culture that everyone has heard of them, but almost nobody has seen one in real life. The sheer novelty of finding one is going to make people stop and read the letter inside. The uniqueness will also make the letter’s contents easier to remember. After all, a letter that came in an envelope is just another message in a pile, but one that came in a bottle is part of a fresh and exciting experience.

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