3 Wooden Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

January 23, 2017

Wood is a sturdy, natural material. Its rugged appearance and earthy tones make it an ideal material for gifts for men. This Father’s Day, consider a wooden gift for Dad.

1. Wooden Mugs: From ancient times, people have been drinking out of wooden vessels. Ceramic, metal, and other materials have replaced this practice in modern times, but using a wooden mug will help a man feel connected to his history. A wooden cup feels strong, secure, and earthy. Plus, a polished wooden mug is eye-catching and a real conversation piece. To really make this a one-of-a-kind gift, look for a crafter who can carve a personalized design in your guy’s mug. Many wooden mugs advertise a food-safe finish, but the FDA does advise that liquids can wear down wooden vessels over time, so you might want to look for one with a stainless steel or aluminum lining. This is an easy way to get the look of days gone by but the safety of modern craftsmanship.
2. Personalized Pallet Art: Once considered just scrap material, leftover wooden pallets have become a popular decorating trend. Pallet wood has a rugged, masculine feel, and because the design options are endless, you can find one that is just right for the dad in your life. If he is into sports, consider a pallet design that features his favorite teams. You can also go for a look that reflects his favorite hobbies, such as grilling, fishing, or hunting. The proud dad might want a piece of pallet art that reflects the family name. Pallet projects can be a DIY project, or you can purchase one from a local crafter. Many pallet artists will produce a customized finished product, so you can tailor your gift to the recipient.
3. Wooden Cufflinks: Cufflinks take a man’s ensemble to the next level, but they do not have to be a stuffy accessory. Wooden cufflinks have the power to inject an earthy, even hipster, feel into a formal look, and they are available in versions as casual as dressy as you like. For a whimsical touch, look for carved wooden cufflinks in kitschy shapes, such as his favorite animal. Take the look up a notch with personally carved wooden cufflinks. Look for an engraver who can design a set with his name, a special date, or a unique geometrical pattern. For the fanciest of wooden cufflink looks, shop for polished wood that rests in an attractive metal setting. Some are even accented with precious stones for a truly striking look. Whether whimsical or formal, wooden cufflinks are a rare design that will stand out from the crowd of standard metal accessories.

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