4 Hacks for Choosing the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams on a Budget

April 7, 2017

If you have started planning your wedding, you may be astounded by how expensive all of the arrangements can be. You may have a clear picture of what you want your wedding to be like, but you may simply not have tens of thousands of dollars or more available in your wedding budget. Adjustments need to be made in key areas to help you reduce the overall cost of your wedding. The wedding gown is one of the more expensive items in a budget, so it makes sense to look for money-saving strategies to use when selecting your gown. These are some of most significant ways you can slash the cost of your wedding dress.

Choose a Simple Dress
You may think that you need a heavily-sequined, lacy or otherwise ornate gown to make a big splash at your event, but this is not the case. The fact is that some of the most stunning wedding dresses have been classically simply. With a beautiful cut and the right material, you can look like a million dollars on a dime. You can then add accessories, such as a veil, a sash around the waist and jewelry to dress up your look.

Buy a Used Dress
Whether you choose an elaborate or simple dress, think about buying a dress on consignment or through classified listings. Most wedding dresses are only worn for a few hours at best, and some are never worn at all. You can easily explore online listings and consignment stores to find a truly amazing deal on a gorgeous dress.

Avoid Customization
Most wedding dresses will need to be altered slightly to get the best fit, but customization can cost a small fortune. When selecting a wedding dress, ask your seamstress or salesperson how much work will be required to alter your dress. For example, if a dress has an exquisite hemline and height cannot be adjusted from the top, it may take a seamstress many long hours to adjust the hemline.

Take Advantage of Sales
Many bridal boutiques regularly host sales at the end of their peak seasons. The peak seasons are for summer and winter weddings, so sales are usually around mid-summer and mid-winter. This is a time when most brides with summer and winter weddings have already picked out their gowns. If you can time your purchase of a dress to coincide with these sales, you can take advantage of great savings. This is particularly true if you do not mind wearing last season’s styles.

Many wedding dresses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars or more, but this is only one aspect of your wedding that will take up wedding funds. By saving money on your dress, you will have more money available to spend on flowers, catering and more.

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