4 Maintenance Tricks for Cleaning Your Awning

July 5, 2018

Today, awnings are an integral part of the domestic furniture industry. They are additional decorations to your home or office, which protects your family members from harsh climatic conditions. Also, awnings protect your balcony from rain, snow and, strong winds that can cause damages. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, giving clients a wide range of options. Some awnings operate manually while others have automated sensors, making the life of the user more comfortable. Below are some essential maintenance tricks that you can use to clean your awning.

1. Regular Inspection 
People use canopies during different seasons. At times, awnings are stored in a store for an extended period without using them. During this period, dirt and leaves may get inside the awnings, leading to damages. The owner should keep on inspecting the condition of the sunshade to prevent any damage. It is advisable to put your canopy in the store when it is dry to avoid damages that are likely to be caused by moisture.

2. Regular Repair 
If your awning has any tears, you should consult a specialist for proper repair and maintenance. The professional will quality repair materials to ensure that your canopy is in excellent condition. As a homeowner, you should repair any torn part of the awning immediately to avoid incurring unbearable repair and maintenance costs when the damage worsens.

3. Use the Right Amount of Bleaching Solution 
According to specialists, in every four liters of warm water, you should use 250ml of bleaching agent when cleaning your awning. You should test the solution by rubbing solution-soaked cotton wool in a small section of the awning to see whether it will react with the solution. A highly concentrated bleaching solution will make the canopy to fade away. After washing the awning, the homeowner should rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

4. Specialized Cleaning 
Some of the parts of the awning are delicate. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them using proper care and attention. You should apply a fabric cleaner in a saturating mist when cleaning the innermost part of the awning. It is advisable to clean the canopy from the bottom towards the upper side. The cleaner should scrub the canopy with a sponge before it dries up. You should never use abrasive scrubbers or pressure washer to clean your sunshade. Using scrubbers may lead to permanent damages.

The homeowner should keep inspecting the awning hardware to ensure that the brackets and bolts are tight. The cost of replacing an awning is too high. Therefore, to avoid losing your money, you need to keep it clean, dry, and in good conditions. Routine inspection of the awning will prolong its lifespan and work effectively in your home or office.

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