4 Major Dos and Don’ts For Your Company’s Sign

August 9, 2018

A sign can say a lot about a business and organizations would do well to learn the ins and outs of effective signage. Eye-catching signs that can help to enhance a business’s profile or further brand management efforts can be a terrific asset while other options that lack a more polished or professional appearance could end up being nothing more than a liability. From color scheme and layout to choosing the right logo design, knowing how to choose the best sign is never a consideration that should be left to chance.

1. Optimizing Visibility

First and foremost, the purpose of a sign is to draw attention to a business. Layouts and designs that may be too clever to be readily digested or too hyper-stylized to be understood should be avoided. The best signs are able to stand out from their surroundings, attract the eye naturally and convey a great deal of information in an instant. Any sign that fails to enhance the prominence and visibility of the business displaying it could end up doing more harm than good.

2. Avoiding Unprofessional Layouts or Designs 

Image is important, especially when it comes to promoting a business or marketing an organization. Signs that are meant to attract the attention of those passing by or ensure that customers and clients seeking out a business’s physical location can have an easier time of things can also be used to further a company’s brand. Simple changes to the color scheme, logo design or even the font being used can say a lot about a business’s purpose and values. Signs that do no more than mark the location or identify a business could leave owners missing out on an important opportunity to establish the right image and make a more positive initial impression.

3. Illumining Signs to Enhance Their Impact 

Lighting up a sign can greatly enhance its visibility and effectiveness. Allowing low-light conditions to hamper their promotional efforts is not a misstep that businesses can afford to overlook. Illuminating a sign, investing in neon or LCD signage and taking whatever additional steps may be needed to boost visibility can make quite a difference. Poorly lit signs could find owners missing out on countless opportunities.

4. Investing in Durable Signs 

Signage that wears out prematurely could lead to no end of potential problems. Maintenance and upkeep efforts can be both costly and labor intensive while poorly maintained signs could leave businesses looking far from professional. Seeking out, selecting and investing in a more durable selection of signage provides greater overall value while ensuring that owners are less likely to be bothered with maintenance issues or the need to make a costly and premature replacement for their existing signs.

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