4 Reasons to Give Challenge Coins to Military Veterans

January 16, 2018

Veterans are, perhaps, the best candidates to receive challenge coins. Former servicemen and women are amply familiar to the tradition and history of coins. They also appreciate their significance. Moreover, awarding a challenge coins symbolizes that there is a bond that still keeps them connected with an area of service that they once sacrificed their lives for. Read why challenge coins are powerful symbols of gratitude that all veterans will appreciate.

Once a serviceperson, always a service person

Coins are traditionally given to military personnel, law enforcement professionals, and to members of other cohesive groups that include fraternities, sororities, and even religious organizations. Veterans are familiar with the etiquette of the coin and with what it means to carry them with them at all times. Veterans also know that, at any time, anyone can call out a challenge. Having the coins with them shows their loyalty and entails that they are definitely part of the team. This is ultimately what the coin will mean to them: their service was not in vain. Once a serviceperson, always a serviceperson.

Veterans value and collect past and present coins

It is very likely that veterans who receive coins as a reward, or as a gift, already have several coins from past units in their possession. Throughout their military or law enforcement careers, they likely attended several events where these coins were awarded to them for excellent service, retirement purposes, or simply to welcome them to a new unit or team. Regardless of the cause, a veteran will always appreciate receiving a coin because they know that each piece is unique. As such, an extra coin will always go well in a veteran’s coin collection. The coins represent history, memories, and sacrifice.

“You are still one of us”

Challenge coins are not given randomly to just anyone. The effort and dedication that comes with creating the coins, and get them produced, clearly indicates that these are tokens to be given to special individuals. Giving a veteran a token of this nature sends the message that a veteran is not obsolete: they are still on the team. Awarding a symbol of the valor and identity of a unit to a former service member is a tremendous way to thank them for their time in service.

An ongoing connection

Coins sometimes change from year to year, or decade to decade. Valuable unit members that are now retired would love to receive something that shows how their unit has changed throughout time. It is a valuable lesson in history, and a great heirloom that can be passed on to other generations. The gift of a coin will never be redundant to a veteran, let alone overlooked. It is perhaps the best decision to give to those who once sacrificed their lives for our rights and freedoms.

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