4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Home

August 16, 2019

According to a Harvard study, homeownership rates are in decline. Rental properties are in demand, but it’s still possible to find one with some careful planning. In this guide, you’ll get some valuable tips on finding the right rental home for your family.


Start Searching at the Beginning of the Month


If you’re looking for a home with the best possible combination of amenities, location, and price, the best time to start the search is the beginning of the month. It’s a good idea to start looking for a rental home at least two months before moving, especially if you’re in a tight rental market. The second half of the month tends to be busier for rental agents, but if you start looking at the beginning of the month, you’ll face less competition.


Don’t Count on Online Listings


A large percentage of renters start their search for a home or apartment on a site such as Zillow or Craigslist, but that’s not always the best strategy. An online search will give you an idea of the type of amenities and pricing you’ll see, but if you’re moving to a different area, it won’t tell you enough about factors such as shopping, schools, and public transportation.


Don’t Fall for a Scam


As a potential renter, it’s extremely important to look out for online scams, especially listings that require a deposit before a showing. Furthermore, you should be careful if you’re renting from an owner. After all, you’ll be handing your bank info and Social Security number to a stranger, and they’ll probably check your credit. It’s safer and more private to work with a bonded, licensed real estate broker.


Look for a Small Building


If you’re renting an apartment or a condo, a smaller building may give you the budget-friendly rent you’re looking for. Typically, a large complex with a reception desk, pool, game room, and gym will cost much more than a similarly sized apartment in a smaller building. If you are willing to pay extra for amenities, be sure you’ll be able to use them.


Finding a rental property can be tricky, especially in a tight housing market. It’s possible, though, as long as you are prepared. By starting the search early, looking for the right combination of price and features, and being cautious, you can find a home, condo, or apartment that’s right for everyone in the family.

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