4 Tips To Improve Footwork During Rugby Training

September 21, 2019

The game of rugby is all about speed and agility as well as having the power to complete the necessary big hits required for success. Getting your feet moving quickly with the ability to burst into open spaces is key to becoming the best rugby player you can become. Coaches work on a few different drills to make sure players are ready to run to the best of their abilities as rugby players.

1. Sprinting zigzag

There are many drills that can be completed by a rugby player whether they are with their coach or on their own. Placing a cone a few yards apart with a narrow gap between the cones in a slalom style that will allow the player to move from side to side quickly. The player should make sure they are sprinting at full speed and positioning their body in the right way to prepare for each cut along the course. Lowering the center of gravity of the player makes it easier to make sharp turns and improves footwork.

2. Sprinting T-grid

This is one of the simpler drills published by Rugby Coach Weekly with the player finding themselves positioned at the base of a set of cones laid out in the shape of the letter T. To begin with, the size of the T can be around 10 yards along each of the areas the players sprints down five times before taking a 90-second rest. The size of the T can be varied to allow for more explosiveness or more stamina-based work.

3. Use the 15 meter and goal lines

An easy drill for a couple of players to take part in uses the goal line and 15-yard line. The first player kicks the ball high from the goal line before player two catches the ball on the 15-yard line. PLayer one then becomes the active defender player one has to beat with footwork and score a try behind the goal line, according to Everything 4 Rugby.

4. Ladder attack

This drill requires three players to make it work correctly with two players at one end of the field facing a single player at the other. All three players have a ladder at the end of their area positioned beside the first ball carrier. The ball is carried and passed with all three players having to use their footwork to move through the ladders before the first pass can be played.

Improving rugby footwork is all about speed and agility with players not needing a huge amount of equipment or coaching to take these first simple steps. Players can use simple equipment such as the markings on a rugby field to improve their skills and become better players.

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