5 Advantages to Using a Gabion Wall

October 9, 2018

Global warming has seen forest cover diminish substantially around the world. You will note this from the increased cases of floods and subsequent soil erosion. However, this need not be the case as there are various measures you can take to help mitigate the situation. One of these is the use of gabion walls. Gabions have long been used as an effective form of preventing spoil erosion. The following are five of the most notable advantages of gabion walls.

  1. Sustainable 
    Research has shown that using a gabion solution helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent in comparison to other forms like a concrete retaining wall of the same length and height. With time vegetation tends to establish around a gabion wall and this helps contribute further to the carbon sequestration of the solution.
  2. Budget Friendly 
    Are you bothered by soil erosion around your farm but do not have enough finances to build state of the art structures to combat the same? Well, you need not worry anymore as gabion walls have proven to be the most budget friendly option. Historically, building a great structure called for great investments. With gabions, however, their inherent nature helps reduce transportation and the overall costs of the retaining wall. This, however, does not mean that the low budget means shoddy work.

  3. Smart and flexible 

    If you thought gabion walls are only fit for rural use, then you may need to think again. Most modern infrastructure and buildings, whether newly designed or simply updated use gabion walls to refresh and renew their look in order to meet the sustainability demands. When it comes to urban design and landscaping, gabions stand out as an architectural lever.
  4. Scalable 
    Talk of flexibility and gabion walls come to mind. Even in cases where baseline technology is constant, the wire mesh of each retaining wall block can be molded to fit various needs. Gabion walls are known to be conveniently scalable as they can be used not only for small-scale constructions but also for massive structures.
  5. Strong base 
    Gabion walls derive stability from its strong base, thus helping withstand and reduce water velocity much easily while gathering soil and debris. This in turn helps improve the sustainability of the gabion wall not only for helping reduce soil erosion but also beautifies the surrounding with the right vegetation.

    Gabions have been known to stand out as value added products courtesy of their immeasurable returns, keeping in mind account variables like aesthetical and environmental achievements. Whether you are looking to prevent soils erosion or simply looking for a better and unique way to do your landscaping,  gabion walls are here to give you just that. Its permeability and the fact that it costs much less to set up have won the hearts of many.

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