5 Benefits of Boxing

November 13, 2018

Boxing is a sport requiring strength, athletic ability, agility, speed, coordination, nerve, endurance and power. Boxing is an excellent way to improve athletic skills and get in shape. The five most noteworthy benefits are defined below.

Boxing will enhance your cardiovascular health. Cardio exercises help protect you from heart disease and enable you to burn calories to lose weight. Boxing places moderate stress on your heart to support physical activity. You heart rate is increased during your workout. This means you are literally punching your way to a healthier heart.

The average professional punching bag weighs a minimum of 100 pounds. While you are kicking and punching the bag, you are increasing the strength of your core, lower body and upper body. Chances are good you will also be using other moves that build strength such as planks, a weighted medicine ball and squats to prepare for your workout.

You may not realize your hand to eye coordination is important for your overall health and your fine and gross motor skills. When your hand to eye coordination is good, reflexes become faster and your reaction times are better. This improves your physical coordination. This is especially important as you age because your balance and coordination can be compromised. This can lead to falls and injuries. Punching a bag that moves quickly, bounces and turns will improve your coordination. As you react, you reflexes improve along with your coordination.

Any kind of intense physical activity can reduce your stress levels, boost your mood and increase endorphins. This works in a similar way as meditation to reduce your stress and help you sleep better. Boxing is an excellent way to step out of your life for a period of time, focus on your movements and leave your frustrations and stress behind. Boxing is effective because you are transitioning between recovery periods and high intensity exercise. When you are experiencing the intensity of the workout, you are not going to be thinking about problems at your job or issues at home. Your entire focus is placed on your mental preparation and breathing for the next round. Boxing also empowers you to punch away your stress, worries and frustrations.

Boxing is an exceptional way to improve the composition of your body. As you decrease your fat mass and increase your muscle mass, you will be sculpting your body, improving the composition and losing weight. This is an excellent way to improve your overall health. There is a lot of truth in the old adage when you look better you feel better, but the same is true in reverse.

Boxing is a great workout because it combines cardio, building muscles, body contouring, weight loss and improvements to your health. It is also a lot of fun.

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