5 Exercises for Trampoline Parks

April 16, 2019

A simple childhood toy is working hard to help grown-ups meet their fitness goals. Instead of jogging on a personal trampoline at home, check out the great workouts you can get at a trampoline park!

1) Jog to Get Your Heart Beating Faster

One simple thing you can do on a trampoline to burn calories is to jog or run around the trampoline. If you struggle with knee or hip pain, or simply haven’t been able to tolerate the pressure of jogging, the trampoline will remove a great deal of the pressure.

2) Increase Core Strength

Because your workout surface is more flexible, your core workout will be greatly intensified on a trampoline. If you already work out on a ball, you can use the ball on a trampoline, but work in smaller patterns to build up strength.

Another option for a core workout is to enjoy your fantasy of being a gymnast. Because the surface of the space is so bouncy, go for some height and do some toe touches or just pull your knees to your chest in mid-jump. All of these moves will engage your core.

3) Work Your Knees Higher

Because the trampoline will help you get airborne and lessen the compression as you land, a high-knees work out will engage your core and more of your leg muscles while making the landing easier.

4) Squat Hops

The trampoline can help you build flexibility into your knees and hips. Start with your feet together, standing tall. Bounce and spread your feet wider than shoulder width, dropping your seat so you’re in a squat as though you’re on a chair. Your goal is to have your thighs parallel with the floor. Bounce back to your full height.

5) Play Ball

Depending on the size of your local trampoline park, the sky really is the limit. Many facilities offer the chance to play both basketball and volleyball. Because the bounce surface is so large, you can enjoy a variety of moves and maybe make your first dunk!

Trampoline parks offer adults the chance to change up their routines and build more strength while engaging their muscles differently and having more fun. In addition, these facilities offer both adults and kids the chance to get moving, get airborne and have some fun. Be ready to start with small moves until you’re comfortable with this new surface, and have some fun!

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