5 Great Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected this Winter

September 19, 2018

While fall has just arrived, winter is never too far behind it. Winter brings cold blustery days, sleet, snow and ice. Winter weather can bring damage to many things – one of which is your outdoor furniture. Wood furniture if not properly protected can swell and plastic furniture can crack. It is important to protect your furniture from the elements before it gets damaged. Here are a few ways that you can help to keep your furniture protected this winter.


  1. Clean Your Furniture –

Since your patio furniture lives outdoors for most of the year, it can get really dirty with dust, pollen and gardening activities that may going on around it. It is important to clean your furniture to remove all dirt and grime as a first step to preparing your furniture for the winter months.

  1. Storage –

In the winter months it is advised that you bring your patio furniture in from the elements. Winter weather can cause materials to degrade and crack. If you have some extra space in your home like the garage or attic they would be a great place to store your furniture. Some people choose to rent a storage unit for seasonal purposes. They put their patio furniture there in the winter; use it to store holiday decorations, etc.

  1. Remove Cushions –

Furniture cushions should not be left outdoors to the elements. Weather can cause your cushions to mold and mildew, and the fabric to fade and degrade. Bring your cushions indoors, store in a heavy-duty cushion storage box, or even storing in plastic storage bags.

  1. Furniture Covers –

If you don’t have anywhere that you can store your furniture during the winter it is advised that you get furniture covers to fit over your patio furniture.

  1. Waterproofing –

If you have wood furniture, you can seal it. Sealing your wood pieces help to keep moisture out. It still is advised though for added protection that you put a cover over the furniture.


It is important to prep your outdoor patio furniture for the winter ahead. Make sure to wipe down and clean the furniture. If you have a material that can be sealed or waxed, you will want to do this after giving the furniture a good clean. Then, you will want to either put your furniture in storage or put covers on it. If you follow these tips, when the springtime rolls around your furniture will look amazing and ready for a party.

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