5 Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

May 23, 2018

Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing.” Management is about people. You may need to hone specific areas so that your management style motivates your team. Here’s some common faux pas and how to fix them.

1. Micromanaging Staff
It’s hard to give up control especially when it pertains to pivotal projects. Making sure that a million-dollar client gets his deliverables on time and under budget is a huge responsibility. So you respond by doing everything yourself, right? Wrong. Micromanaging undermines employee confidence, and ultimately hampers productivity.

Practice delegating. Match the project with the right team member. Let him handle a small task and gradually increase his duties.

2. Not Giving Feedback
It’s hard to know if your performance is on par with your supervisor’s expectations when you never discuss it. According to a Gallup poll, employees want feedback on a daily or weekly basisĀ LinkedIn reports, “Gallup found those who receive strengths feedback had turnover rates that were 14.9 percent lower…”

3. Cultivating a Relationship
Employees don’t leave companies, they leave their supervisors. Why? The supervisor is the person that represents the values and goals of company. However, rigid rules or unobtainable goals make even the best workers jump ship.

Get to know each person individually. Discover what makes him or her tick and adjust your approach accordingly.

4. Failure to Communicate
Do you think responding to emails or phone calls in a timely matter is reserved for peers and clients? Do you assume your subordinate should already know the answer?

Timely and effective communication is a sign of respect. It reveals the fact that you are listening and are interested in what’s important to your team members.

5. Engaging the Halo Effect
Does your team have that one person who is always getting the plum assignments? Do some of your employees know that no matter how hard they work they will never get ahead?

According to What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith, you are guilty of habit no. 14: playing favorites. He said, “You may think you are building a solid team…you are encouraging sucking up.”

Leadership means empowering others. Everyone should feel like their contributions are valued. Be mindful of your biases. Strive for objectivity.

Management styles vary. Continue to grow based on feedback given to you. It’s a highly rewarding process.

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