5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home with a Septic System

September 1, 2018

One of the best investments you can ever make is to purchase your dream house. It is the place where you will be spending time with your loved ones. However, there are many things that you need to consider when purchasing a home. Apart from the affordability and the design of the house, you need to ask the seller whether or not there is a septic system in the compound. The property owner or the seller of the home should be ready to offer the information needed about the septic tank to help you make the final decision. This article provides five crucial questions that you need to ask the property seller when purchasing a home that has a septic system.

1. Where is the Septic Tank Located? 
First, it is advisable to ask about the location of the septic tank. If the property owner does not know where the tank is, it is a clear indication that he has not pumped it since he bought the house. Knowing the location of the tank will help you plan the compound to suit your desires after purchasing the home. Once you know where the tank is, you should check its condition before making the final decision.

2. When Was the Septic System Installed? 
Secondly, you should ask when the septic system was constructed. The seller should give you accurate records to prove the age of the system. It is also advisable to know whether the property is vacant or occupied. If no one stays in the home, you should find out the period it has been vacant.

3. How often is the Septic Tank Emptied? 
The level of home activities and the size of the tank should determine the frequency of emptying the tank. It is good to know the last time the tank was emptied and the procedure that was used. You should also ask about the frequency of emptying the tank, which may be after two or five years.

4. How is the Overall Performance of the Septic System? 
It is advisable to ask for diagrams to demonstrate how the septic system operates. The charts will help you understand the efficiency of the system. They will also help you know all the components of the system and how each works. However, you need the assistance of a specialist to help you evaluate the overall performance of the system.

5. Where are the Approval, Repair and Maintenance Records?
One of the crucial things that you need to ask is whether or not the property owner acquired a permit from the authorities when construction of the septic system. You should ask to see the license. Moreover, it is advisable to ask to see the repair and maintenance records of the system. The service records will help you know when the system was last repaired and by which company.

Asking the above questions will help you know the condition of the septic system in the home you are planning to buy. It is advisable to hire an expert for professional assessments. The professional will give you a detailed report about the condition of the septic system, which will help you make an informed decision when buying a home.

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