5 Questions to Ask Your Attorney When Hurt On The Job

August 23, 2018

If you’re hurt on the job, the most important thing that you can do is notify your supervisor and tend to your injuries at the nearest emergency department or doctor’s office. However, once you’re out of the danger zone and the injuries sustained, you may need to contact a personal injury attorney. When you’ve been hurt on the job, state workers compensation insurance should cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and more. But, things do not always happen the way they should. An attorney will help ensure your case is handled appropriately, even in circumstances in which your claim is denied. Answers to the five questions listed below are available from your attorney and are important to learn to properly proceed with your case.

Q1: What Should I Do if I am Hurt at Work? 

If you are injured at work, notify your employer of the injury and seek medical attention. File a claim with your employer and wait for the insurance company to respond to your claim. Keep in touch with the insurance company during the process which can take several weeks to complete.

Q2: Will I Lose My Job if I Am Injured? 

Most people wonder if their job is on the line after an at-work injury. You cannot be terminated from your employer for filing a workers compensation claim. This is considered retaliation and may result in legal turmoil for the employer.

Q3: What Type of Damages Can I Receive From My Claim? 

Filing a workers compensation claim can help you recover doctor and hospital bills, lost wages, death benefits, and other benefits specific to your exact case. Workers who have been permanently disabled due to their injury can also receive compensation for the injuries.

Q4: How Much Do You Charge to Handle My Claim?

Workers compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis so no upfront money is needed to start your case. In fact, the lawyer is compensated for his work only when he wins the case for you. The amount of the attorney’s fee is taken from the award in your claim.

Q5: What if the Accident is My Fault? 

Except under extreme circumstances (you started a fight or riot at work, for example) worker’s compensation insurance will cover the costs of injuries on the job regardless of who is responsible for the accident. All workers are entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits when they’re injured on the job.

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