5 Reasons to Adopt a Royal Frenchel Bulldog

August 18, 2019

The Royal Frenchel Bulldog is a new designer breed, created by “Windy”, Anahata Graceland. Windy was inspired to create the Royal Frenchel when her daughter fell ill with cancer; she could not take the family’s French Bulldogs into the medical facilities, due to the dog’s fragile health. Many people do not realize, French Bulldogs are not a sturdy breed, and are often easily injured by doing simple things, such as jumping on and off a bed. So Windy was determined to breed a dog that could provide companionship while her daughter recovered.

Windy had been a dog breeder for many years, so she wrote down a list of few dog breeds that might work, and decided a cross predominantly between a French Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might be just the thing. Indeed, the new breed became a success as a companion service dog, and the doctors, nurses and other patients wanted one of their own. Thus, the Royal Frenchel Bulldog was born.

Everyone loves the Royal Frenchel, and here are the five top reasons you’ll want one too!

They are Healthy Dogs

Unlike their purebred French Bulldog cousins, Royal Frenchels are built to last. They have better agility, fewer breathing problems, and a better, general physique, with less risk of health problems than Bulldogs. In fact, Royal Frenchels were awarded as Top Dogs from Farmers Insurance as well as Pets Best Insurance for the Royal Frenchel’s good health and long life.

They Live a Long Time

A Royal Frenchel Bulldog can live up to 16 to 20 years, depending on their size. The smaller dogs tend to live the longest. With proper care, your Frenchel will stay with you for a very long time.

They Have the Cutest Personalities

The personality of a Royal Frenchel is loving, loyal, deeply affectionate, alert and very playful. As long as you consistently honor their good qualities, your life with this breed will be joyous and full of fun.

They are Very Friendly

Royal Frenchel Bulldogs enjoy making new friends and are deeply committed to their families; that includes other pets as well. Frenchels also take interest in and respond well to those with special needs. They make excellent companion animals for the disabled and elderly.

They Are Easy To Train

Royal Frenchel’s are the easiest dog to train. They only want to please you, which makes teaching them social skills, tricks and how to travel a simple task. Housebreaking a Royal Frenchel generally takes less than a week.

A confident and easy-going Royal Frenchel Bulldog as your companion animal makes meeting new people and going to new places much more fun. Everyone loves this new breed, and you and your Frenchel are sure to make many new friends.

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