5 Signs You Should Rebrand with a New Logo

October 30, 2019

A company or business logo is essential when it comes to being successful. It doesn’t matter whether this is an online store or a brick-and-mortar location. The logo becomes synonymous with the name of the business. This includes establishing brand awareness with both products and services. There are times when it is necessary to rebrand logos. Let’s take a look at 5 Signs You Should Re-Brand with a New Logo!

1 – Planning for Spin-Off Businesses

According to Branding Strategy Insider, there are a number of signs that lead business owners to rebrand their logos. Planning for a spin-off business or company is one of these. This may be a location that offers different products and services. If logos are similar or have the same colors and fonts, it may confuse customers.

2 – Launching New Products or Services

Many companies offer diverse products and services to their customers. Staging the launch of something new is a good reason to get a new logo. Inc. says that it is often best to create a brand for each product. This helps to solidify individual brands and to allow them to gain their own base. Unique logos can work this way when they define products.

3 – Changing the Company Mission

Transitions take place all of the time when it comes to mergers of businesses. In some instances, the entire mission of a company may change. Logos that have long stood for one thing like products need to be re-vamped. Companies now focusing on services will want a new logo that separates from the previous branding.

4 – Creating International Products

Not every product gets the opportunity to be sold outside of its country of origin. Those that do often have to be re-branded in some way. Logos and product names that are city, state, or country-specific need to be redesigned. There are times when similar products are being sold internationally. It is important for sales purposes to stand out to potential customers.

5 – Overcoming Brand Troubles

If a particular brand has faced troubles, such as acquiring a bad reputation, new logos are necessary. It is possible to redevelop products for this reason. Along with packaging and promotional changes, a different logo is helpful. These changes have been known to reestablish a brand totally. Positive and better branding can result in a successful product over the long-term.

Working with professional graphics and IT experts is a good way to get logo designs. These are individuals experienced as it relates to the development and design process. It is possible to tailor a new logo that will better suit your needs and connect with prospective customers.

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