5 Simple Ways to Keep Critters Out of Your Crawlspace

October 1, 2018

A crawl space is an open area that can be found between the ground and the bottom of your home. This area can be a hiding space for various critters. Since these critters can cause damage to your home, it is important that you have methods in place to keep them away.

1. Seal all openings

Go through your crawl space and look for all openings that lead into the crawl space. It is important to understand that openings can be in different sizes so you should pay attention to both the large and small openings. You can seal the openings found with caulk, a foam insulation, or wood.

2. Control Moisture

Moisture can be an attraction for insects. It is important that you have methods in place to control the moisture. Some options available are spreading a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from condensing on wood, using a crawl space encapsulation, and installing ventilators that will automatically open the vents based on the temperature.

3. Be Proactive

Don’t wait until you have a pest infestation to call pest control. Set your home up on a pest control company’s preventative care schedule. You should have your home treated for pest on a regular schedule to prevent them from becoming a problem. The professional pest control companies can survey your home to see where you have potential entries for pest control and which services you should receive based on where you have risk.

4. Keep Outside Picked Up

If your home has excess brush or hedging around the crawl space area, critters view that as an open invitation. Instead, make sure that you are keeping brush and hedging to a minimum around the crawl space area to prevent critters from being attracted to that area of your home.

5. Set Traps

Regardless of how proactive you are it is very likely that critters will still find their way into your crawl space. To prevent them from being a problem in the crawl space or even entering into your home, it is important that you have traps set around and in the crawl space. This will take care of the problem for you when the critters enter. It will also reduce the chance that the critters will become an infestation. The traps will also give you indication when there is a point of entry so you are able to inspect and find where the critters are getting in to prevent future access.

Keeping critters out of your crawl space will be an ongoing process. It is important that you use these tips to keep your crawl space and home safe. Regular maintenance and prevention is key to keeping your home safe and critter free.

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