5 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Ft. Myers Florida

August 22, 2019

Ft. Myers is known as the gateway to Sanibel Island, where one of the top three beaches in the country sits. The city of just over 685,000 residents offers a plethora of its own beaches on nearly every corner, so getting to the water for a day of fun is never difficult. Ft. Myers also has shops and malls, museums, art galleries, and of course, plenty of exciting outdoor fun for all ages. And while most of this information is common knowledge, the five facts below aren’t so well-known, yet very important to know before moving to Fort Myers.

1- Cost of Living in Ft. Myers

One of the biggest draws to Ft. Myers is the affordable cost of living. On average, Ft. Myers residents enjoy a 5 percent less cost of living rate than the current national average. Housing costs an average of $12,000 less than the average in the state. There is no state income tax, which further reduces the costs of living in the city.

2- Variety of Neighborhoods

Ft. Myers has several great neighborhoods of interest to newcomers. The Fort Myers River District is a waterfront district consisting mainly of high-rises. The urban area is home to many restaurants and shops, with a bustling atmosphere for a younger, hip crowd. Fort Myers Beach is the best neighborhood for surfers and people who cannot get enough of the beach.

3- Farmers Markets

Fort Myers has several farmers markets available to shop for fresh, farm produce and fruits. Many markets also feature vendors who sell homemade crafts and knick-knacks that make great gifts or perfectly adorn the home.

4- Schools in Ft. Myers

If you’re moving to Ft. Myers with children, more than 120 schools offer educational opportunities for students of all ages and learning capacities. This includes public and private institutions, colleges, and secondary schools. Great Schools offers high ratings for several area schools in each grade level. Most notable schools include Cypress Lake Middle School and Three Oaks Elementary.

5- Low Unemployment Rates

The unemployment rate in Ft. Myers is at 4 percent, which is lower than the state average. Lee County School District is the largest employer in the city, followed by NCH Healthcare Systems and Publix.

Moving to Fort Myers is excited, especially when you have the information above in mind. Get ready to live the good life as a resident of this great Florida city. It has all that you could want or need in the place that you call home.

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