5 Tips for Designing Your Garden

May 12, 2019

Garden design is a way to start fresh every spring, no matter how long you’ve been working on the space. In addition to plants, you can use wood, stone and water features to customize your space. Check out the 5 tips below for fresh garden design ideas.

1) New Ways To Think About Color

An interesting trend in garden design includes working with muted plant colors. Grays, dusty sage greens and pale tones offer gardeners a way to build a muted, relaxing garden to enjoy as a quiet oasis of calm.

Additional design options include planting for texture. Many flowering plants offer a furry or even grizzled and eye-catching texture.

2) Go For Variety

Thanks to custom planter designs, you can create a visually arresting feature in an out of the way corner of your garden. Add plants of unique heights or work with a fence mounted planter to draw the eye up, making your garden appear larger.

If you have the space, consider planting a tall, narrow tree for visual interest. When planning the site for this tree, keep it far from your foundation. Also, be sure to study what the tree will drop as the season goes on to avoid mess.

3) Use Light

Everyone has spots in their garden that are determined to be bare no matter what you plant. Rather than covering the spot in gravel, consider investing in solar rechargeable lights to brighten the space and add a pop of color.

These lights come in many formats and can be mounted to fences, hung from hooks or spiked into the soil. In addition to simple walkway lights, you can purchase animal or insect-shaped lights for visual interest. Even better, more light can increase the security of your home!

4) Water Features

Even the tiniest garden can benefit from a small water feature. The sound of running water calms and soothes at the end of a long day and provides local animals the chance to bathe and drink.

This can be done very simply, using a solar pump and small vessel that you check daily for debris. If you have the space, consider adding a goldfish to keep down the mosquito larvae.

5) Plant A Feast

Birds and bees are much more likely to visit your garden if you offer them a little lunch! Bees are drawn to plants that are yellow, white, blue or purple and are more likely to return if you have plants that bloom from cool spring through the hot summer and into the brisk fall.

Garden design is always changing. Through this, you can renew your outdoor space every year. Keep an eye on the birds and bees that visit your space and note what colors appeal to them and to you, and plant accordingly.

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