5 Tips For Storing Cigars

July 6, 2019

Cigars and cigar smoking have become a major industry after the rebirth of the pastime in the late-1990s and early 21st-century. The problem with a cigar of any price or quality is that it can dry out when left in a heated or air-conditioned room losing its flavor and the ability to be smoked efficiently. To remain at the optimum quality for smoking, a cigar should be stored in an atmosphere of 70 percent humidity and 68F with each degree rise or fall adding or subtracting from the humidity, JR Cigars reports.

1. Choose a humidor

Let’s get to grips with the issue of the humidor, which can be confusing for many of us when we are learning how to store our cigars. The choice of a humidor should not be made simply based on price because a humidor that does not operate efficiently is pretty much a waste of time. Choose a humidor larger than you think you need that gives you room to grow your cigar collection.

2. Keep an eye on your humidor

When the majority of us began to smoke cigars we were told to buy a humidor and set it to 70 percent humidity and 70F. What we found after a short period of time was a badly stored collection of cigars that had not been cared for correctly. One of the first steps to undertake is to make sure your humidor has a plentiful supply of water and alter the settings to take seasonal weather changes into account.

3. Prepare your humidor
Cigar Aficionado reports the preparation of your humidor is one of the most important parts of storing your cigars. If you do not prepare the interior of your humidor correctly you will not have the correct environment to store your cigars. The untreated Spanish cedar within a humidor is perfect for storing your cigars but should be treated with a wet sponge run around the interior of your humidor to help keep it moist.

4. Rotate your cigars

When you store your cigars in a humidor you will find yourself with a line of cigars with some at the top and others at the bottom of your collection. Every four to six months it is important to move your cigars around to make sure they remain moist at all times.

5. Think about your collection size

If you are working with a collection of cigars numbering around one dozen you do not need a humidor with space for over one hundred cigars. You do not want your humidor to work too hard and cause you more work solely because it is too large for your collection.

Cigar smoking is supposed to be a fun activity but it can become a part of your life. The better you care for your cigars the more closely attached you become to your collection and humidor. In the 21st-century, there are many different cigar options on the market if you want to store your cigars successfully.

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