5 Vaping Etiquette Tips You Should Know

August 26, 2019

Vaping continues to slowly replace smoking as a custom in our society. As a result, debates abound regarding polite vaping practices. Let’s take a closer look at vaping etiquette with these five essential vaping tips.

1. Always Ask Permission

Would you just waltz right into someone’s home and light up a cigarette or joint? Of course not. As with smoking, you should respect personal space and ask if it’s okay to vape. This rule especially applies in situations that involve:

  • Children– Keep your distance when vaping in the presence of children. If you ignore this rule, you may find yourself in an undesirable situation with an angry parent.
  • Food– Odors affect the flavor of food. Many folks take offense by vaping in dining and cooking areas.
  • People who are ill– Even though it’s a far better alternative than smoking, vaping can still irritate the sensitive lungs of people with respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma and bronchitis.

If you are unsure, take your vaping outside and away from others.

2. Don’t Vape in Enclosed Spaces

Vapor tends to accumulate in places like elevators, airplanes and other public transportation, especially if more than one person does it. Cars can be common areas of contention. It’s always polite to ask first if you can vape when in an enclosed vehicle with others, even if it’s your own car.

3. Never Blow Clouds of Vapor in Anyone’s Face

Smokers would never intentionally blow smoke in another smoker’s face. The same rule applies to vaping. Blowing smoke or vape clouds in someone else’s face signals disrespect and may be met with aggression. You can reduce vape clouds by lowering the temperature of the vape or holding the vapor in your mouth a little longer.

4. Don’t Make it Your Mission to Convert Smokers

People need to make lifestyle changes at their own speed. Smoking remains one of the most difficult habits to break. No struggling smoker wants to be forced to hear a lecture. While you might be excited to share your discoveries, it’s best to offer vaping information only upon request.

5. Never Use Someone Else’s Vaping Device Without Asking

You would never pick up someone else’s cigarette or pipe without asking, so why would you help yourself to someone’s vaporizer? While sharing vaping materials can be fun, many vapers reserve their equipment for personal use.

If you exercise common sense, you can avoid awkward vaping situations. Vaping should be relaxing, not stressful. When in doubt, remember rule number one: Always ask permission.

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