5 Ways to Consume Marijuana

January 28, 2018

There are multitudes of ways in which to consume marijuana. Over the plant’s history in relation to human consumption, we have invented and innovated the art of indulging in cannabis. While older methods are, of course, tried and true, and have stood the test of time, new techniques, and technology are popping up in marijuana culture, all the time. The following are 5 ways to consume marijuana.

1. Pipes
People have smoked out of pipes since smoking came into existence. Pipes for smoking marijuana come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. Most pipes consist of a bowl for packing your marijuana, a mouthpiece, and often a choke to place your finger on and regulate how much smoke gathers inside of the pipe. Some pipes even have a built-in water chamber, much like a small water-bong. There are even pipes disguised to look like household objects. Common materials used to make pipes include blown glass, wood, stone, and metal. Most pipes are small, and hand-held, although sizes can vary.

2. Joints and blunts

The practice of rolling marijuana into a cigarette-like vessel for smoking is a faithful tactic. Today, rolling papers are available in far too many differing styles and tastes to list individually. Rolling papers differ greatly in size, texture, material, thick or thinness, and ability to burn. Likewise, stuffing weed into a cigarillo or cigar is also a common way to smoke marijuana. Simply empty the tobacco out of a cigar or buy an empty cigar wrap. A cigar filled with marijuana is typically referred to as a blunt. Blunts come in thousands of flavors, and styles.

3. Bongs

Water bongs are one of the most effective ways to smoke marijuana. Many bongs are equipped with highly advanced percolators or filtration systems to ensure that smokers are getting the cleanest, and strongest hit possible. The downsides to smoking out of a bong are that glass bongs are very easy to break, and they are usually on the expensive side. Bongs are perhaps the most vastly differing smoking device when it comes to style, shape, size, purpose, and performance. Try out as many as you can before deciding on a favorite.

4. Vape

Vaping marijuana is a relatively new way to consume it. Vaping produces a much cleaner hit and is more discreet than burning marijuana. The smell does not linger half as long as it does when smoking. Moreover, vaporizers are small and easy to carry or transport anywhere you go.

5. Edibles

Marijuana edibles are one of the strongest ways to consume cannabis. The high produced by an edible will not become noticeable right away, tempting many users to eat too much and, in turn, get too high. Be cautious of the strength of edibles. Usually marijuana is infused in tasty treats like brownies, candy, ice-cream and so on, however, it has recently been used in cooking. Marijuana-infused butter is a standard when it comes to edibles, and has been used to prepare entire meals infused with cannabis.

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