5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

January 6, 2017

Finding ways to reduce operational costs can be of paramount concern for businesses seeking to improve efficiency. Efforts to reduce energy consumption can free up financial resources that would be better spent on other matters and help businesses to enhance their profitability. Businesses that take steps to curb their utility costs may be able to lower their monthly energy bills by far more than they may have expected. The following five tips highlight a few of the most common and effective ways for businesses to cut energy costs.

Installing High-efficiency Fixtures

Fixtures and appliances that were not designed with efficiency in mind could end up costing businesses plenty. Replacing lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs or CFL lightbulbs can cut consumption and ensure that bulb replacements are needed less frequently. The costs needed to purchase and install high-efficiency fixtures is often able to provide a significant return of investment.

Upgrading HVAC Equipment

It is not uncommon for HVAC equipment and climate control systems to account for the bulk of energy usage, especially for smaller businesses. Upgrading outdated appliances that may be unable to provide dependable performance or that may be consuming more than their share of energy is a great way to lower monthly bills. Heat pumps, mini-split AC units and other equipment options designed to provide superior efficiency can often make quite a difference.

Utilizing Solar Screens

Solar screens are a great was to reduce unwanted heating that may be placing greater demand on AC units. These screens function by shading interior environments in order to cut down on unwanted heat transfer. Solar screen can typically be purchased and installed for a fraction of the costs business owners might expect to pay for such an effective resource.

Adjusting Work Schedules to Reduce Heating or Cooling Costs

While adjusting work hours to take advantage of natural lighting and more agreeable temperatures may not be a viable option for every business, commercial organizations and property owners would do well to consider the potential benefits such efforts may provide. Altering a work schedule, even by a small amount of time, can drastically reduce the need to make use of climate control systems or even interior lighting.

Solar-energy Installations

Solar-electric energy installations function by converting the sun’s rays into clean renewable power. These installations are designed to function on-site and can go a long way towards reducing or even eliminating the need to purchase energy from a conventional utility supplier. The growing demand for solar-installations has created a new generation of panels, equipment options and setups that are able to provide superior performance for far less cost than their predecessors. For businesses that are serious about reducing energy costs, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar-electric installation.

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