5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Sunday School Teacher

May 18, 2018

A Sunday school teacher may be one of the most important people in a person’s life. Some students may yearn to thank them for helping them through bad times or just for being useful. Consider showing him/her some appreciation with these ideas.

Say Thank You

Simply saying thank you in person or on the telephone could mean the world to any teacher. A shy student can give them a thank you note designed especially by them. Just knowing exactly how a student feels about them is all they could ever need. Saying thank you can also show real commitment to the class and religion itself. Remember that gratitude is a virtue. It also has benefits which have the power to change a person’s life.

Give a Religious Gift

A religious gift could be an exceptional way to show that a student cares. A book about a religious figure or other subjects may be perfect to satisfy their desire for information. This can help them be a better teacher as well. Be charitable and put extra money with a note attached dedicated to the teacher in the collection box on Sunday. Other gift ideas may be a mug with a fun phrase or design, a journal, planner or cross.

Write a Letter

Writing a letter is a unique option for those who feel like they want to say more than just giving a short message. It’s best not to get overly personal out of respect. Write a few paragraphs about how important they are and include some inspiring quotes to make her smile.

Arts and Crafts

There are plenty of arts and crafts gift ideas to create something unique. For example, buy some pretty flowers from the craft store and put them in an artsy vase so they can place it on their desk. Take a calligraphy class or paint a beautiful picture and frame it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The point is to create a personal gift and possibly have some fun making it too.

Appreciation as a Group

Ask the class or just a few people if they’d like to show appreciation as a group. Maybe everyone can stand up in class and say how they feel one by one. Another way is to make an announcement in class or include a message in the church newsletter.

If none of these ideas seem suitable to an individual teacher be creative to come up with new ones. Think about what the specific teacher may enjoy receiving based on their personality. Most importantly enjoy giving that special person some real appreciation by showing it with a genuine smile.

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