6 Benefits of Having Your Military Medals Mounted

January 29, 2017

From a Soldier’s Medal and a Bronze Star Medal to the Medal of Freedom, the Purple Heart, the Medal of Honor and more, there are dozens of medals, ribbons and other awards that you may receive over your years spent serving your country. Some people keep their medals and awards locked away in a security box for safe keeping or even tucked away in a shoe box in the back of their closet. However, others have proudly mounted and displayed their medals for friends and family to view. While each military professional has a unique preference, there are several good reasons why you may want to mount and display your military medals.

An Attractive Way to Display Your Medals
The most obvious reason why military professionals choose to mount their medals is to attractively display them. A framed display of your medals may become a centerpiece of your home office, your bedroom or even your living area, and your friends and family members may be drawn to it.

An Easy Way to Showcase Your Accomplishments
As a military professional, you spent many long, hard years serving your country, and you worked hard to earn the honors that were bestowed on you. Mounting your medals gives you an easy way to showcase your accomplishments and to share them with others.

A Reminder of Time Served
While some people mount their medals to share them with others, other military professionals mount them for their own personal reasons. You may have many cherished memories that each medal or ribbon brings to mind, and your mounted display is a great reminder of the time you served your country.

A Cherished Heirloom
Your medals, ribbons and other awards will live on even after you have passed away. Your children, grandchildren and more may hold onto the mounted piece that you have earned as a long-term, living reminder of your contributions. This piece will quickly become a cherished heirloom in your family.

A Logical Way to Organize Your Medals
Some people have earned numerous medals and awards. These may be based on differed missions completed, for valor or service, for emergency duty and more. By mounting the medals, you can easily display them in an organized, logical way.

A Great Way to Protect and Preserve Your Medals
The unfortunate reality is that medals can get lost or stolen, and they can also get damaged or show signs of wear and tear. When they are mounted on your wall, you will easily be able to keep a close eye on them. In addition, they will be protected from fingerprints and more through a glass enclosure.

Mounting your medals is an easy decision for some to make, and it may be a more heartfelt or emotional decision for others. With so many benefits associated with mounting your medals and ribbons, however, you may decide to put these benefits to use soon.


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