6 Great Commercial Uses for Metal Buildings

February 15, 2017

Skyrocketing real estate and construction costs have made metal buildings the go-to option for commercial developers. These buildings offer clients the flexibility, versatility, durability and economy that can’t be matched by other types of traditional buildings. Below are some of the commercial uses of metal buildings.

1. Agricultural Use and Farming Storage

Steel is a low maintenance and cost effective material for keeping your agricultural equipment, products, and livestock safe. Since metal is more durable than wood, it can withstand harsh weather and a lot of abuse. This makes metal buildings a popular choice for farming storage and other building projects. Additionally, metal barns can be customized for housing tractors, other farming equipment, supplies, and farm produce.

2. Commercial Office Space

Metal buildings offer a compelling and cost-effective choice for commercial office space. Furthermore, these buildings can be customized to meet consumer demands and allow the addition of doors and windows anywhere on the structure. Steel is a sound long term investment for any business no matter its size.

3. Industrial Use

Metal buildings allow a streamlined manufacturing process, keep operation costs down, and increase quality standards. Moreover, they permit the addition of workshops and storage space for a growing operation.

Metals buildings are safer than other types of buildings because they are non-combustible, can withstand heavy chemical use, and hold up under heavy abuse and weathering. They can also be custom designed to accommodate different types of cranes.

4. Greenhouses

Metal frames used in the construction of greenhouses are stronger and more durable compared to wood. Therefore, they can withstand harsh weather elements.

5. Recreational Use

Commercial recreation facilities often require unique features and need to operate within strict budgets to remain profitable. Steel is the perfect choice for designing and manufacturing buildings used for sports and recreation including metal gymnasiums, hockey arenas, gyms, and indoor soccer fields. What’s more, these buildings can be built at a fraction of the total cost it would take to construct other traditional types of buildings.

Metal buildings allow the creation of functional and attractive designs with a selection of trim and panel choices. Furthermore, ceiling heights, column-free areas, and open floor plans are available to accommodate different sports or activities.

6. Institutional Use

Steel structures are cost effective for institutional buildings like churches and hospitals. Furthermore, metal buildings are cheaper to construct and have low maintenance costs. This allows institutions to start their operations quickly.

Metal buildings have a variety of commercial uses from farm storage to large office buildings. These buildings are not only durable but also cost efficient and have low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, steel is expandable, non-combustible, withstands harsh weather conditions, and makes it a lot easier to go green.

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