6 Hacks for Organizing an Outdoor Kitchen

January 25, 2017

Outdoor kitchens are among the top emerging trends in the real estate market. Along with less lawn, more trees, and outdoor room, full outdoor kitchens are making their way to suburban homes across the country. It’s not enough to just have a grill anymore. Ideally, people are looking for refrigeration, sinks, grills and counters so that they can prepare full meals. When designing and organizing your space, here a few hacks you may want to incorporate.

Remember the Storage
The point of an outdoor kitchen is to eliminate the need to run in and out of the house. This is why you need to allow for plenty of storage. An island will provide you with a work space, dining area, and convenient hidden shelves for your flatware, trash cans, utensils, and more. If you don’t have drawers to protect your accessories, then store everything in clear plastic bins that will keep them safe from the elements.

Establish the Zones
Your outdoor kitchen needs clearly defined working zones so that you can be productive while enjoying the moment. This means that you should consider where you’ll wash food and dishes, invite guests to sit down, and cook the meals. Try to allow for work areas and storage inside each zone.

Trash Matters
It’s so easy to forget about the trash when you’re planning the outdoor kitchen, but you need to have a canister in this outdoor room. The trash can is going to have food products and wrappers in it on a regular basis, so go with a container that will be impervious to animals. Ideally, try to have the can hidden away in a cabinet so that it won’t become an eyesore.

Hang a Pallet
Pallets are making their mark as part of the green movement, and you can easily incorporate one into your outdoor kitchen. Mount a pallet on one sunny wall of your outdoor kitchen, screw plastic pots in to the pallet rails, and then plant herbs and small vegetables in the pots. You’ll have the fresh seasonings you want right at your fingertips.

Build Shelter and Privacy
Whether you’re in the planning or building phase, make sure that your kitchen has some type of shelter. This is considered essential for a well-organized and attractive space .The shelter will do more than just provide you with shade and some protection from the elements. It will also help your kitchen fixtures last longer.

Easy Reach for the Kids
Part of the fun of having an outdoor kitchen is that the entire family can get involved in meal preparation. As the kids watch your chopping vegetables or grilling the meal, they may want to take a more active role by preparing a snack. Once you light up the firepit, you can bet that they’ll be looking for smores or the fixings for banana boats. Keep some kid-friendly supplies and foods in a lower cabinet or bin so that they can help you with dessert.

Make your outdoor kitchen shine by making it more organized. You’ll create an enjoyable work space where you can easily prepare meals for your family and friends.

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