6 Low-Cost Ways to Find High Quality Cigars

May 12, 2018

High-quality cigars aren’t found at the local 7/11. Instead, finding cigars that represent a Luxor lifestyle requires a bit of effort, though the information isn’t top-secret. If you want to separate yourself from the regular crowd of cigar smokers, look at the six locations below to find the cigars that match your stature.

Cigars are similar to wine in that they’re offered in assorted flavors, styles, varieties, and price ranges. Some of the very best cigars in the world have price tags spawning even thousands of dollars. No matter what your idea of a great cigar for the money you’re willing to spend for the product, use these six techniques to narrow the selection and find what you want.

1- Social Media 

Social media brings people together of varied interests and from locations around the world. You certainly do not want to start importing Cuban cigars, but interacting with others on social media can help you learn the best locals for the purchase. Consider cigar enthusiasts groups, ask social media acquaintances, or find forums and blogs covering the topic.

2- Online Cigar Shops 

A plethora of online cigar shops sell many different styles and brands of cigars. Find a few with products/ prices of interest and research the business to ensure its legitimacy before purchasing any products. Pay particular interest to the websites, wrappers, names, or other features that stand out to you and it’s much easier to choose a great cigar if you’re unsure where to start.

3- Read Reviews 

Whether a customer loved the cigar or hated everything about it, the information is for you to learn when reading reviews. Oftentimes they’re featured on the sites that sell cigars but can be found in a variety of additional online locations as well. Read all about it!

4- Buy Well-Known Brands 

Knowing the top cigar brands can make a big difference in the quality of cigar you bring home. Learn more about the most well-known brands selling cigars to determine which you prefer. Some of the top cigar brands and names include Padron Serie, Cohiba Esplendido, Louixs, and many others.

5- Visit Local Smoke Shops 

Visit local smoke shops in the area where tobacconist are inside to offer advice, information and to answer questions about the cigars. The selection will vary considerably from one location to the next, so do a bit of research before heading out.

When all is said and done, the right cigar really boils down to personal preference, although there’s little doubt that the quality between a low-quality cigar and a high-quality product is considerable. Browse the selection, compare the options, and it’s fairly simple to choose a great cigar. Be sure to use the tips above when choosing to further ease the headaches of buying a great cigar.

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