6 Steps To Make It Through A DUI Charge

June 18, 2019

There’s nothing pleasant about being charged with a DUI. However, those who’ve been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence can take some simple and effective steps to quickly and painlessly navigate the legal process. Moreover, these tips will also prove useful to individuals who run into DUI-related trouble at a later point.


To help those who’ve been charged with a DUI (and those who will be charged down the line), let’s take a look at six essential tips.


1. Remain Calm and Respectful


It’s imperative that those who’ve been charged with a DUI remain calm and respectful to all the persons they encounter, including the arresting officer(s), legal professionals, and staff members. DUIs are frustrating, but acting out will make it harder for the listed professionals to do their jobs; it’ll also make it harder for the arrestee to secure a favorable legal outcome.


2. Contact a Lawyer


Lawyers help clients to emerge from the difficulties associated with DUIs and move on. Furthermore, personally undertaking the DUI-defense process is incredibly ill-advised, as there’s much to learn and do, and these law professionals possess the know-how to make the experience as quick and straightforward as possible.


3. Maintain a Healthy Appearance


It isn’t difficult to see why judges punish DUI offenders: they don’t want other drivers to be seriously injured or killed. And the offenders who seem likely to commit multiple infractions will be sentenced accordingly.


Those who look healthy and indicate that the occurrence was a once-off lapse in judgement, however, are likelier to receive a lenient sentence. Offenders should look and act their best so as to make a positive impression.


4. Appear at Court Dates


This one should be a no-brainer, but a surprising number of individuals become so stressed out about their DUIs that they simply forego appearing at court dates.


This is a massive, massive mistake that always ends up making things harder for offenders. One might skip out on the law for a day, but the law will be back tomorrow—and the next day after that. Bite the bullet and appear at court dates to more quickly make a DUI part of the past.


5. Follow the Judge’s Orders


Whether one’s sentencing involves probation, a license suspension, community service, a fine, alcohol-awareness programs, and/or something similar, it’s important that it be followed to a tee. Don’t think of this sentencing as a punishment; think of it as an opportunity to turn a corner.


6. Drink Responsibly


For as tremendous as lawyers are at defending clients against DUI charges, those who’re arrested for multiple DUIs are often subjected to mandatory minimum sentences and extensive punishments—including jail time. Be sure to drink responsibly, making things safer and easier in the process.


These tips are sure to help DUI offenders get through this difficult period and enjoy a fruitful future. Take a step towards being out of the woods tomorrow by following the listed steps today.

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