6 Tips for Living Daily With Male Incontinence

May 24, 2019

Are you a man who is struggling with urinary incontinence? You’re not alone. Though it might see like a small amount of men suffer from incontinence (it’s estimated that 3/4 ths of those with incontinence in America are women), there are still 13.9% of men who suffer from this condition.


The fact of the matter is, urinary incontinence isn’t something that has to get you down. There are many things you can keep track of and focus on to reduce the impact the condition has on your life. We believe it’s important to stay grounded when dealing with conditions such as incontinence, so we’re providing you with a list of 6 Tips for Living Daily With Male Incontinence:


1. It is Not Your Fault


When people deal with a chronic condition, it can be easy to place blame on themselves for the situation when this is almost never the case. Incontinence is something that can’t be altered by lifestyle choices, but instead by diseases one might already have such as diabetes or Parkinson’s disease.


2. It’s Possible to Medicate


If you’re somebody who would prefer to see a doctor and take medication to help you with the condition, this is also possible. The specific medication you’ll take depends on how the incontinence is manifesting (i.e. physical or mental), but there are things to look into.


3. It’s Different for Men


Some women who have incontinence might not mind it due to already being accustomed to wearing pads for menstrual blood. Men might have more of an emotional hurdle because of having no prior experience—that’s normal!


4. Find Products Made for Men

Certain incontinence products specifically made for men might make the condition easier to deal with.


5. Surgery is Possible


In the event that you want to have surgery to deal with your condition for the long term, this is also possible! There are some options for men dealing with incontinence to have surgery, but this typically isn’t recommended unless various other treatments has failed.


6. You’re Not Alone


This might seem like a moot point to continue arguing, but it’s important to remember that men who suffer from incontinence aren’t alone. Like we stated at the beginning of this article, only 13.9% of men suffer from incontinence in the US, meaning that you are never alone.

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