6 Ways to Accessorize Your Jumpsuit Outfit

May 6, 2017

Jumpsuits are increasing in popularity for their sleek style and versatility. You can pair the outfit with different types of accessories to dress it up and make your style look formal. If you’re ready to wear a jumpsuit out on the town or to the office, there are a few ways to accessorize it.

1. Wear a Belt

A belt will work as the focal point of a jumpsuit and can prevent it from looking bland. Add a thin or chunky belt to draw the eyes toward the waist and break up the material with added detail, according to hanger.io. Pair it with a simple, delicate necklace to avoid having too much drama with your look. The belt will allow you to show off your curves and embrace your figure instead of making you look like you’re wearing a potato sack.

2. Use a Blazer

If you want to add a touch of professionalism to your attire, opt for a blazer that will add a pop of detail and structure to the jumpsuit. Choose a red or gold blazer to wear with the outfit to a Christmas party when you want to look trendy and fashionable while still adding a festive touch.

3. Wear Slim Mules

According to whowhatwear.com, slim mules will look feminine and modern with a white jumpsuit and are an effortless way of accessorizing the clothes. Mules come with a low heel and will prevent your outfit from looking too dressy while attending a summer wedding or meeting with friends for lunch.

4. Wear One Shade of Color

Wear one shade of color from head to toe with your accessories and jumpsuit, which will make an impact and look high fashion. The monochromatic look will appear incredibly chic and formal without much work involved. Choose a jacket or a sweater that is the same color of the jumpsuit, along with a stylish pair of shoes to match.

5. Add a Leather Jacket

You can incorporate extra edge into your outfit with a leather jacket that looks chic and sophisticated. You’ll feel confident going out on a date or meeting friends for lunch with a classic piece that will look fierce when paired with black stilettos.

Rock the leather jacket with a pair of wayfarer shades to create an unforgettable outfit that is unique and nods to past decades.

6. Use Ankle Boots

Don’t be afraid to add a unique pair of ankle boots with your jumpsuit, which will allow you to show a little skin and will look trendy with a cropped wide-leg. You can feel confident with the added height that will dress up the jumpsuit.

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