7 Important Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed Regularly

April 24, 2019

Your vehicle is a reflection of you on the road. Therefore, it is important to invest the time and money to have your vehicle professionally detailed. Below are seven important reasons why you should have your vehicle detailed on a regular basis.

1. Create Better First Impression
When you show up with your vechile, people will judge you on the outside appearance of your car and truck. Therefore, it is important that you present a neat and clean appearance. A detailed vehicle will show that you are an organized person who cares about his presentation.

2. Improves Release Value
A regularly detailed vehicle will maintain the resale value when it comes to sell or trade in your car and truck. By detailing the vehicle on a regular basis, you will prevent the build-up of dirt in areas that can lead to degradation of the paint and the interior.

3. Allows For Deep Cleaning Of Your Vechile
A local car wash or a hand wash service will simply be unable to provide the deep cleaning provided by a detailed job. That includes the deep cleaning of the engine where dirt and gunk can affect the performance of your car and truck. Also, deep cleaning will prevent certain odors from permeating inside the vehicle.

4. It Will Protect Your Paint Job
Driving on the road can cause a build-up of dirt and asphalt particles around the lower area of your vehicle’s exterior. Left uncleaned, these parts of the vehicle can deteriorate and even rust. A detailed cleaning will prevent this road debris from causing damage to your vehicle.

5. It Will Save You Money
It may sound counter-intuitive. However, investing in a professional detail job will actually save you money down the road. That is because a deep cleaning of your vehicle will protect the life of your engine, paint job, carpeting, leather and other materials on your vehicle. Over the life of a vehicle, that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

6. Your Vehicle Is In Professional Hands
Beware of inexpensive car wash machines and cheap car wash services. Some of these establishments can do a poor job washing your vehicle that can result in micro scratches on your car’s paint job or damage to the interior. A car detailer tends to have more professional cleaning materials and the know-how to handle your vehicle with care.

7. Protects Your Vehicle From Changes In Weather
Changes in the weather can cause damage to your vehicle. For instance, rain and snow can cause rust on the vehicle’s exterior. Muddy shoes can damage the interior carpeting. By detailing your vehicle on a regular basis, you can prevent weather-related damage from building up on the inside and the outside of your car or truck.

It is recommended that you have your vehicle detailed every few months. Seek out a detailer that has experience working on your type of vehicle. Detailing your vehicle on a regular basis will have your car or truck looking like new for years to come.

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