7 Key Benefits of Medical Marijuana

September 3, 2018

When it comes to marijuana, there is a definite stigma in our country. Many people are for legalization while many people are passionately against it. At the end of the day though, no matter where you stand on the substance, the benefits of medical marijuana are undeniable:

1) Chronic Pain 
There is strong evidence that marijuana can help with assuaging long term pain from chronic health issues. Because it is non addictive, it is an overall smarter and more responsible treatment plan than opioids, which are highly addictive and often used for pain management.

2) Glaucoma 
Studies have shown that it can help treat glaucoma, an eye condition that if left untreated can lead to blindness. This is a very serious condition that affects the optic nerve and effects many people each year. THC decreases eye pressure, which slows down the effects of glaucoma.

3) Epileptic Seizures 
There are some studies that suggest that cannabis may help with controlling epilepsy. Although this study is in its early stages, many people have reported seizure control and management following marijuana use. More data is needed on this subject, however, if a link is found between seizure control and marijuana use, it would be revolutionary for the treatment of epilepsy.

4) Prevention of Cancer Spreading 
While marijuana does not cure cancer; there is evidence that it can stop cancer cells from spreading. When studied on aggressive brain tumors in mice, there was compelling evidence that a link between the marijuana and the stop of cancer spread was present. If this is the case and a definitive link can be proved, this science could be used to help prevent the worsening of cancer in humans.

5) Anxiety 
When it comes to anxiety, marijuana can help to sooth the nerves when admitted in small doses. THC overall lowers the stress levels in an individual with anxiety. This is still in the early stages, as too much THC may actually increase stress levels and worsen anxiety. Overall, more research must be done.

6) Alzheimer’s 
There is strong evidence to show that marijuana may actually be helpful in stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s. This devastating condition causes individuals to forget key memories and eventually leads to death the stop of this disease. In early stages could save countless lives and suffering.

7) Multiple Sclerosis 
Marijuana can help stop the pain and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This condition is incredibly painful and effects muscle contractions, but individuals who smoked marijuana with this condition reported better pain management.

Overall, there are many benefits of Marijuana, but not enough is known about its full medical benefits. To be sure we are utilizing it to its full potential, we need more research and scientific data.


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