7 Spring Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

May 20, 2019

Don’t let your lawn steal your free time this summer. Starting in the spring, before things really start to grow, will save you a lot of time later. Here are some tips that will make your spring lawn care and maintenance a little easier.

#1 Take Advantage of Your First Opportunity

It seems like every winter, we get a little teaser of warm weather for a few days. It’s a great time to get a head-start on your spring lawn care. You could rake up the leftover leaves, pick up any fallen branches, add a layer of mulch, or just tidy up in general. Then, go back inside and relax, because winter isn’t over yet.

#2 Check Your Lawn Tools

You’ll want to make sure that everything is operating as it should before you need to use it. Lawnmowers, weed-eaters, leaf blowers, and other lawn tools may need a little work before they are ready to go. You’d want to get them serviced, if needed, before the spring thaw.

#3 Weeds

The first weeds will grow fairly early. It’s Mother Nature’s way of providing food for the early-bird insects. But, that food doesn’t have to come from your yard. Once you start seeing weeds, you can start pulling them or have them treated to get rid of them.

#4 Water

While spring tends to be a little rainy, you’ll still need water to maintain a healthy lawn. Here are some things to think about.

  • Make sure your garden hoses are in good condition.
  • Check any outside spigots to make sure they weren’t harmed over the winter.
  • Early spring is the time to get your sprinkler system serviced, if you have one.
  • Never water your lawn during the day. The sun will evaporate the water faster.

#5 Bare Spots

Once your yard begins to turn green, you may see bare spots in your lawn where the grass didn’t make it through the winter. Spring is the ideal time to either reseed or lay some sod to fill in those spots.

#6 Fertilizing

Depending on where you live and what type of grass you have, spring may be the perfect time to fertilize. Or, later in the season may be better.

#7 Mowing

You really want to mow your yard before it needs to be cut. The idea is to cut small blades of grass and let them stay on the lawn, adding nutrients. This way, you aren’t bagging clippings that need to be disposed of.

Those are some of the basics of getting your lawn off to a healthy start in the spring. Just remember to stay ahead of the game. Lawn care isn’t so much fun when it’s overgrown and hard to deal with.

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